This is a 2D platformer puzzle game, with pixel art graphics. It is set during a post apocalyptic scenario, the protagonist is a robot that is damaged and finds its parts at first "repairing" itself. But the real repair isn't about the robot, but the actual world.

We had a lot of fun during the Global Game Jam, and we met some amazing people there, including Panagiotis Mpraikidis (Hollow) who is responsible for the music, sounds and voice acting of the game!

Special thanks to the developers who participated in our choir (for the Preaching to the Choir Diversifier):
Vasilis Galliakis
Bournellis Ippokratis
John Nikitakis
Lena Louloudaki
Panagiotis Mpraikidis
Dimitris Angelidis
Renia Papathanasiou
Christina Karadimitriou
Panos Floros
Manolis Papadeas


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The concept is really good. And I appreciate the developer's effort.

Thank you, we are glad you like it!


I hope that this game will be update as soon as possible because the "Demo" is beautiful :D


We're glad you like it! We plan to continue developing it, and eventually even making it into a full game!

I'm so happy :D