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Looks great! This will definitely come in handy for making my first game.


Thank you! We're really happy that you find Pixelorama to be useful!






i love this program, its free, it is customizable, and its UI is a lot better that other free platforms. thank you for this


Thank you so much! We're doing our best to make Pixelorama as good as possible, and we appreciate all the kind words!


Love the idea of such a useful tool being made with Godot, and having a free open source pixel art editor being actively developed, and with such good features being added quickly, is awesome!


Thank you very much for the kind words! It means a lot to us! :)


i dont know if this is a thing but a "global opacity" thing for onion trimming would be useful for animating. it would allow to change the opacity of ALL frames on the fly to remove the extreme tediousness of manually doing it. thanks! -fraus


Hello! Thank you for your feedback, we will consider this idea for a future version!


love using the tool:D keep up the good work


Thank you very much!


i have suggestion 
mirroring mirror just from the middle

can you add the ability to put the mirror anywhere ??


Hello! This is a planned feature, we will implement it in a future update!


hello bro i created an itchio account just to comment to this master piece 

this software is really good i was looking for a pixel art app from a long time for linux till i find this 

i didn't experience with it that much but i like it so much so far i started creating my game sprites with it 

i will spread your work everywhere 

keep the work mate 

and i don't believe that's free


Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words! We are really happy that you like Pixelorama!

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Yeah, i'm that person.

I have idea or suggestion anyway:

- New pixel style like Aseprite for User Interface (UI).

Just that!

VOKZI Softwares,

By ZM 


Thank you for the suggestion! The main issue with this is that we may not be able to find fonts for all of the supported languages. We will do our best though!

Wow! Just, wow! The examples you made are so gorgeous! I am not a fan of pixel art, but you impressed me and made me want to try it myself. I will certainly enjoy using your programm. Thank you!

Thank you very much! It really means a lot to us!


I see your app is very very good!.

And of my opinion Pixelorama competing to Aseprite.

And yeah i downloaded your app and it was so good no problems and my favorite part of this app is animation, i want to make simple animation for my projects,and i think i will share your app in every person i know!

VOKZI Softwares,

Vokzi softwares

Do not imitate that logo!

Thank you very much! We really appreciate your kind words!

I've been having problems importing animations into unity. I assumed it would create a sprite sheet, but it only imported the first key frame from my animation 

When exporting, you have the option to either export one frame, all frames as different .png files, or all frames into a spritesheet. In the next version, the export window dialog will be overhauled and it will be more user friendly!

Ah that makes sense. Thanks


This is a good alternative to apps like Aseprite. Is there a way to copy and paste pixels (especially between frames). If there isn't then I think it would be a good idea to add this soon :)


Thank you! You can use the rectangle selection tool and then Ctrl-C to copy the selection. Then, you can use Ctrl-V to paste into a new selection. We will improve this in the future, but this works for now!


Cool alternative while i'm trying to find money for Aseprite. Almost every function. Only one issue - every time file exploer opens at program location, every time opening my folder is long.

Hello! What do you propose should happen with the file explorer?

i think he means for example this times i opened the pic folder in the app 

next time when it opens the file manager it should be in pic folder

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Please add the ability to transform(position,scale ,rotate) the individual layers

Please add different grid types

please add more selection tools

Hello, thanks for the feedback! You can already rotate individual layers from v0.6.2 and on! More options will come soon. Can you elaborate on what you mean by "different grid types"? Thank you!

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Hello sir, would you please add some more grid types like (isometric,hexels like in marmoset hexels ...etc)  in view->show Grid option.

Thank you for Developing this wonderful tool😊😊😊

That is a very interesting idea! We will note if for future versions! :)

Any possibility of packing in Appimage? It makes it simple to install and to backup.It's a Great app,and will only get better.


Hello! We can't promise anything about AppImage, but we may do it in the future. For now, Pixelorama is available in Flathub and the Snap Store. The packaging wasn't done by us, but by contributors. This is why we can't promise AppImage packaging, because we have no experience with it.

A few features I would like:

(Keep in mind that I'm not telling you what to do, I really like this tool, but a few things are getting in the way of my workflow.)

1. Make the tile mode interactive.  As it stands, when I am trying to make a seamless tile, I can't use a grid/guide to see where my texture really is, so if there is a problem along the seam, it is very annoying to have to swap between sides all the time.

2. Allow a (maybe optional) tile mode that repeats the tile across the entire work area.  Again, It would be great for finding tiling issues, even if it is only in the preview area.

3. Remember the last export location.  One time it spit me all the way to System32!  WHY?  Since when do people need to save ANYTHING there?  Either remember the last location, or put a PATHS section in the preferences menu.

I haven't used Pixelorama for animation yet, but if development of my project continues seriously, I just might.

Hello, thanks for the feedback! We'll make sure to note your ideas for future versions!

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Feedback a question:
The software is in the Simplified Chinese system. The language of the software is traditional Chinese for the first time. I hope you can fix it again.

Character display garbled:
Under the Simplified Chinese language, when performing the undo operation, the floating prompt font will be displayed as garbled characters. Hope you can fix the display problem.

Thank you!

Hello! The default language should be the language of the system. If the system language is Simplified Chinese, then Pixelorama should also be in Simplified Chinese.

As for the character display problem, thanks for letting us know, we have fixed it in the master branch and the fix will be available in a future version!


This is amazing! The ability to divide animations into loop sections is available, or that is something that could be released in the future?

Hello, thank you for your kind words! We may implement this on the next version, v0.7!


I just used this amazing tool to create an animation, but I was wondering if there was a way to export the animation as a .gif or a video. The only way I can see to export the file is frame by frame, as individual.png files.

I may just not see the option,but if there isn't one I believe yall should add it.

If I missed it where can I find it?

Hello! We are really glad you like it! Unfortunately, there's no way to export as .gif as of right now. Unless we find a way to add it in the future, your best hope right now is to export it as .png and then convert your animation to a .gif using some external tool.


Great tool, great team!


Thank you very much!


I ’m from China, I have translated the simplified Chinese language, I hope you can add it to the new version. Extraction code: RxZq5rFe
If you cannot download the Chinese language file, you can send me an email to get: 243083869 #
Thank you!

Hello! Thank you so much for the translation! We created a Crowdin project some days ago to host all of Pixelorama's translations there, and to make contributing translations easier! We have imported your translations there, but if you'd like to contribute more words in the future or make changes, make sure to use it, since it'll make your job easier!

Let us know how you'd like to be credited (what name you want us to use to credit you) and we will add it in the next version. Thank you very much!

thank you for your reply.
My Chinese name is: Chenxu Wang
Account can use wcxu21

Happy New Year!!


Awesome, thank you very much! You will be credited as "Chenxu Wang (wcxu21)" in the next version of Pixelorama! Happy new year to you too!

Only Chenxu Wang. Thank you!:-D


It would be super helpful if you add hotkeys to the program and brushes for shading and effects plus extra animation features for effects and easier Pixel Art Animation in which you can copy and paste/move layers of your character so that they more easy can be animated without having to redo it.

I think UnionSkins for Pixel Art Drawn animation would be a must to and a preview that shows the art work and auto plays the animation would be super cool too so that you can live see the changes you are making to your animation in the preview that automatically plays in a loop.

Last but not least the option to import 2d art from for example Photoshop, Illustrator or Affinity Designer and the option to then create a 2d rig with custom 2d mesh skinning options and keyframe animation possibilities really would make the software a super killer program.

It's pretty much all the features I have been looking for for a long while.


Hello! Pixelorama already has some hotkeys and onion skinning! We will note and think about your suggestions, and we'll do our best to implement them. Thank you for commenting!

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I just found out what caused that BUG I mentioned a couple of weeks ago: when I press the SHIFT key to be able to create a complete line, sometimes the preview line does not appear; it seems that the absence of this preview line, changing the frame and try to create the whole line, is the cause of this BUG. I hope this is the correct cause of the BUG and I also hope to be helping to improve this fantastic program :) !

This is weird, the line should always appear. We've made some fixes on how lines work, nothing too big but it fixed some issues. It's possible that it may fix your bug too, but it's not yet sure. We will include with fix with v0.6.2! Thanks for your feedback! :D

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Found a bug.

TL:DR: A .pxo where I had frames of different sizes broke.

I was using one frame to store a reference for the pixel art I was making, and it was a different size from the art. The plan was to delete that reference 'frame' when exporting my final art. I saved after doing a lot of work, before closing. This art had multiple frames, each frame had multiple layers (aside from the reference 'frame', it only had one).

And when I next opened the file there were only two frames. The first, which is fine, and a second frame, the size of the reference frame, with only one layer, which contains heavily distorted versions of images from different frames and a couple different layers from those frames. As if somehow the save got confused and tried to stuff everything in one layer on the second frame.

Also for some reason this glitched frame is invisible until I duplicate the layer.

It's the same whether I open it on 0.6 or 0.61

I've lost a lot of work to this.
Edit: I've been trying to replicate it to no avail.

Edit 2: If I load the broken file I am unable to use the pencil tool until I close and open Pixelorama again. Other tools seem to work fine.

Hello, thanks for reporting the issue and sorry for the problem it caused. I tried to make a simple animation with multiple layers and an imported image of a different size and I saved it as a .pxo file, and everything was fine. I can't seem to replicate the issue unfortunately, and if I can't replicate it, it is really hard to find the issue and fix it. Is it possible to upload the broken file somewhere so I may take a look?

I'll try again to replicate it again though, but right now I'm busy with studying and I just started working on v0.7. I will do my best to find the issue though, and if I find something, I'll let you know. Thank you, and sorry for this.

Good Luck!

Yeah. I've been having the same trouble trying to replicate the issue.

Here's the broken file.

(1 edit)

Also, a suggestion: Can we have a way to increase the canvas size without affecting the image we were working on? Like, have the image be in the middle and all the new area outside it be transparant?


I agree that this is needed. I'll do my best to include canvas resizing in v0.7! :)

:D Good luck!

Any luck finding out what happened to the file that broke?


I'm afraid not. I did open the file you sent me and it is indeed not working properly, but I can't find what corrupted it in the first place. My best bet is that either some rare bug occurred and the file wasn't saved properly, or the file was corrupted some other way, perhaps unrelated to Pixelorama. That would explain why we can't reproduce it. Either way, I'm still going to have my eyes opened in case it is Pixelorama's fault.

Okay. I haven't had any files corrupt like that since, so hopefully it was just a weird one off bug. Thank you for looking.

I highly recommend adding the export directly in GIF format, as it could be very useful to use only one application, rather than creating a frame sequence in Pixelorama and then opening other applications such as GIMP in order to create the actual GIF, please <3

Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately the engine Pixelorama is being made of, which is the Godot Engine, has no built-in way to achieve this. We will experiment on this however and try and find another way.


Thank you very much :D !

There is a problem, maybe a bug or something similar, with both of the Linux versions, that created a Segmentation Fault (Core Dump). It is a very peculiar thing: I add a new frame or clone an existing one, then I use the pencil to colour some pixels; when I need to do an entire line, I use the Shift button, but when I move my Pad (it's a portable PC) Pixelorama crashes in a Segmentation Fault (Core Dump).

I also see this Warning on the Ubuntu Terminal, but I think this is something in my PC:

WARNING: _png_warn_function: iCCP: profile 'ICC profile': 'RGB ': RGB color space not permitted on grayscale PNG
   At: drivers/png/image_loader_png.cpp:71.

So, I hope this will help you to improve Pixelorama, because it is a very nice tool :)

Thank you for letting us know, we'll look into this!


Hey, great tool but I don't have a 'middle button' as I use my graphics tablet as a mouse. I can zoom in and out fine. Might I suggest being able to pan using the arrow keys as well, or adding scroll bars when the user zooms in enough that the image is bigger than the window?


Hello, thanks for the feedback! We'll keep it in mind for future versions, but I'm afraid we won't address this issue for the next version (which is v0.6) because it's almost complete and will be released soon! We'll do our best for future versions though!


No problem! I'll keep my eye out for future versions!

hola es obligatorio tener tarjeta de grafico en pc??


Hello. Please write in English so we can understand what you're saying! According to Google Translate, you're asking if it's mandatory to have a graphics card on your computer. The answer is probably not, as long as your computer is capable of OpenGL 2.1! Most computers should be able to run Pixelorama, unless they're very old.

theres a bug when im using a drawing tablet, and some times my keyboard, i can undo by pressing cntrl + Z

also the layers doesnt work 

Hello. Can you elaborate on "layers don't work"?

(2 edits)

love it but i wish there was a line tool

You can create lines with the pencil, eraser and lighten/darken tool by holding Shift while drawing! Please note that as of v0.5, straight line making behavior is a little weird, and it will be changed in v0.6!

ooooo but i use a tablet for drawing lol 

You can map Shift to one of your tablet's buttons, right?

no i have no buttons on my tablet

Hmm, we'll see what we can do then!

Deleted 64 days ago

For Windows? We'll note it for v0.6! :)

Deleted 64 days ago

This is a great app! I love it a lot but it's missing a few things. It could use a copy and paste system for the select utility, More default brushes and the way the select tool drags doesn't feel right. I can't put my finger on why it doesn't feel right but it might just not be fully accurate to the cursor or i am too use to other programs. Anyways keep up the great work! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for your kind words and feedback! You can already copy and paste with the rectangle selection with Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V respectively, but we'll make sure to make it more apparent for users in the next versions!

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Nice app, but could you add X key shortcut to switch between left and right colors. More important is  adding key to temporary select color picker, after picking a color tool return to it previous state

Thanks for the feedback! We will take it into account for v0.6!

Deleted 144 days ago

That would be great! Feel free to contribute your translation to our GitHub Repository

Deleted 144 days ago

Hello, someone else already provided a Polish translation, and it will be available in v0.6! Thank you for the offer though!

The Mac version .app doesn't open on the latest OS X, FYI. I think it said that it's a damaged file.


Hello. It works fine on my MacOS Catalina. The problem is that the latest versions of MacOS mark the launcher of unknown binaries as non-executable file. After you extract the .zip file, right-click on the .app file > show package contents, then open a terminal inside its Contents/MacOS folder. Then, type chmod +x Pixelorama . Go back to the .app file and you can now open it normally.

I see. That makes sense, although I haven't tried it yet. That explains why many Mac apps come in .dmg, because disk image also stores the permissions, right? If so, it would be nice if you pack it in .dmg disk image using disk utility.


Hello there, thanks for commenting. Unfortunately, Godot (the engine Pixelorama is made in) does not allow exporting in .dmg format if you're using Windows or Linux. In order to export to .dmg, we would need to do it from a Mac, which we currently don't have.

There's not much we can do right now about it since we don't own a Mac machine, but we'll update the install instructions based on what @rafaelgdp said!


Sorry if this is too dumb question, but can i move what i've drown? i mean, not moving the canvas, but moving the image inside canvas?

Currently you can't move the entire image. But you can make a selection with the rectangle select tool and move that while pressing Shift!

Cool! I sent you another PR.


hi, where can we have a talk ? i started to do some modifs... and i think you would be interested to get it ;) let me know please... would be nice to do some coop on this one


Hi, I wouldn't mind helping to fork off of his project, don't want to put alot of work into it to find out we are recreating what he is building though.

Hello everyone and thank you for your comments! If you have ideas, suggestions, complaints, bug reports etc, feel free to open issues on Pixelorama's Github page, where I am more active!


Very nice, i've been using piskel but this would be ideal to use with godot. I have a few ideas if you want to look into it.

* preview window of animation sprite that can be scaled up/down, and play independently of the frames at the bottom (playing automatically at 12fps when program is started)

* moving the frames closer to the canvas layer window

* have up to 4  texture buttons for the brush sizes, optional textedit for larger values

* compare with Piskel, have the +, -, and clone keys embedded in the frame you have active.

* move the loop/playforward to bottom, bringing the + - CL keys closer to frames

* a checkbox to show/hide the onionskin

* up to 4 texturebuttons for onionskin, with optional edit box if you need more onion flavor

* more defined border around the line of frames at the bottom.

* hotkeys for the button 'frames' +,-,CL, etc .  playing with the source, I added Z to create a new frame, X to delete a frame, and C to clone it

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