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how do you import a sprite into Godot? 

You can just export your image as a .png file, and then drag and drop it to your Godot project!

but when i save a .png file i cant see it in godot

How exactly are you importing it? I used Pixelorama in the past and had no issue. 

You can simply drag and drop the png to your project tree, and from there to the desired scene


did you manage to get it? ^^

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i have a question hiw do i move an image from one layer to another and when i try to save it wont

For now, you can create a selection for the entire layer and copy it, and then paste it in the new layer. We'll most likely improve this functionality in the future though.

thanks but the file always says "file failed to save" so i can never save my work

Where are you saving it? Make sure it's in a directory where you have permissions to save to.



I have been actively using this app and I would like to thank you again for this amazing piece of software! I needed to draw some icons for my website and I was able to do so with Pixelorama :D

That being said, I could not help but notice some features do not exist which I used a lot in Would it be possible to introduce a moving tool? So just like in you drag a rectangle around a group of pixels and you than move those pixels when you left-click and drag the rectangle around the canvas. That is really the only one I am really missing, other than that this tool is awesome. Again keep up the good work!



Hello, thank you for the kind words! You can already use the rectangle selection tool to select a part of the image, and you can hold Shift to move the selected pixels along with the rectangle!

Oh dayum, sweet! Works like a charm :D Although I got two points of feedback here:

1) When I move my selection and some pixels leave the canvas, they are erased. This is not a desirable behaviour for me as I sometimes do this to see if something fits, and sometimes I may move my selection again but I can't right now as this erases pixels.

2) I recommend either creating a button or some documentation about this feature, I mean, you cannot expect anyone to read this comment, right? :p

Ah and another thing, I really like the fact that a flatpak and such exist. But a lot of the Linux desktop users still use .deb packages. And with  good reasons too. That is why I just dropped the zip somewhere on my hard drive and use a terminal to open it. But installing this using "sudo dpkg -i  Pixelorama"  or "sudo apt-get install pixelorama -y" would be a hell lot better. If it creates a launcher too it would be perfect.


We plan on improving the selection tool (and add more selection tools) in future updates! As for the packages, they are provided by our contributors, because we're not yet very familiar with how they work. We could do something about it in the future though! :)

it does not work 

it works now

Very cool app guys!

But I have a problem. I started using it for animation, while I create basic pixelart in Problem is, that I created pixelart in that consists of layers, which I then plan on animating in Pixelorama, I want to do it with those two layers separated as two individual layers in Pixelorama, but when I import the layers, they are imported as individual frames. I have no clue how to put those layers on top of each other, deleting and moving of frames is synced so I cannot even move them and delete the duplicates, and I cannot even copy and paste.

Please help.


Hello. Importing images as layers is not possible in v0.7, but will be in the next version. Keep in mind that imported layers will be cropped to the project's size, so if you were to import a layer of a bigger size than the current one, it would get cropped.

Right now what you could do is make selections of the entire canvas, copy the imported frames, and paste them as new layers. Copy & paste works only with the rectangle select tool currently. Then, you can remove the extra unneeded frames.


Oh, thanks for help!


I really enjoy this for simple art. One thing I think would be nice is maybe if we can customize the gui and tool positions.

Nice idea, we'll experiment with GUI customization in the future!

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Wow, I gotta say this is amazing! I was looking for a tool with exactly these features. As a Linux Mint user I am very grateful as all the other alternatives like GIMP, Pinta, Krita are just too much for simple pixel art. And often overly complicated. Have you considered creating a .deb package and add pixelorama to the official ubuntu packages?


Made a donation just now, you earn it. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much for the kind words and your support! We'll definitely consider more ways to publish Pixelorama in the future! Right now, thanks to our contributors, Pixelorama is also available as a Flatpak and as Snap package!

what plugin do you have I am tring to fix a bug

Hello! We are using a GDNative addon for gif exporting. You can find out more on our GitHub README file here:

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Hi, I ended up fixing the mac version for myself and it works just fine. If you are intrested in the dmg I will be glad to send it over to you.


Yes, that would be great, thank you!


i loved this app, is there a way to share the animation clip? or make it video?


Thank you! You can either export your animation as a .gif file, or as multiple .png files, which you can use (with ffmpeg or another software) to turn them into a video.

will you guys make the line system a tool instead so its easier to use 


It has been requested before, we'll most likely create a line tool in a future update!


Cant wait :) 

Pls fix the macOS version, I would like to open it normally.


Yeah, it's really annoing to go trought terminal every time

Unfortunately, we do not own a Mac, which prevents us from generating `.dmg` builds. There's not much we can currently do. You can find more info in this GitHub Issue:

Deleted 3 years ago

Well, I can do that if yo want me to


Hello! Is the Linux version Arch compatible?


Just tested. It does, thanks!

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Pixelorama is great, I really like the Pixel perfect option, makes it a lot easier to draw lines.

But unfortunately, this sprite editor causes my laptop to produce a lot of heat because of the high CPU usage, both the native and the Early Access Webpage. When I open it, the CPU usage sky-rockets to +70% and it heats up a lot. A drawing software shouldn't do that. Krita doesn't even make the fan noisy.

Please. Try to reduce the CPU usage, at least a little, that's all I can ask.

Thank you for your feedback, and we're sorry for the trouble caused. We'll do our best to optimize Pixelorama as much as we can!

Thank you.


This is awesome a great asperite alternative

Thank you, we are glad you like it!


This software is really great, thank you guys. I was wondering if layer blending modes can be added? I think it'd really really useful with modern pixel art.Sorry if this has been asked already.

Thank you so much! Layer blending modes should be possible to get implemented, we'll look into it for future updates! :)

Thank you very much.

im on windows 7 and download 32 bit and i cant run it

Hello. Does your computer GPU support OpenGL 2.1 and above?

i dont know im windows 7 

Unfortunately this isn't enough information to figure out the issue. The most likely cause is that your GPU doesn't support OpenGL 2.1. How old is your computer?

well im 32 bit

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press start, search for "DXDIAG", run it and screenshoot the display tab

I am really fan of this software. I have used it for many artworks. This software was awesome. Unless the current update. 

Earlier update was showing my current pixel size. After update size of pixels on panel does not change even if I raised my quality. I have to zoom out.

Please take note of my complaint. I really love this software.Thank you.

Hello. Can you elaborate further on what you mean by "current pixel size"? Are you talking about the checker background? That has been changed in v0.7 to be unaffected by zooming, so it no longer has the size of one pixel. You can enable a grid in the View menu, "Show Grid" to help you with this!

When software starts the default size is set to 64 px. On main screen there are also 64 checker blocks. Even if I change size the checker blocks have same size. I have to zoom out to decrease size of checker blocks.

The behavior of the transparent checkerboard was changed in v0.7 to be similar to other drawing apps. This way, jitter and dizzyness is reduced, which was especially noticeable in large images. Related GitHub issue:
You can enable the grid to help you with pixel-precision instead.

Thank you.

Hello, I can't open the tool in my macos even I execute `chmod +x` command.

Hello. That's probably related to this issue, which will be resolved in the next version!


This is a really cool pixel-art tool. I was looking for a free tool and this was the one! Absolutely loving it. This is going to speed up my game development flow for sure.

By the way, I'd like to use this on my Linux, so I can of course build using Godot, but as I've never used it before, it would have been great if there was a standalone .deb installer available.


Thank you very much, we're glad you like it! Pixelorama is available on Linux too, you can download the executable file from, or, if you prefer, you can also find it as a Flatpak and as a Snap package.

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Can I ask for a paint bucket feature but for erasing? (fill with transparency).

**Edit** I found it. :^) Transparency is considered a color. Just open the color menu, and move the "A" slider down to zero.


Firstly, absolutely loving the program! it is exactly what I was looking for in a wallet-friendly tool. 

My only gripes are few, and mostly already mentioned by other users. One I haven't seen in my travels among the comments today is about the circle tool. 

If my canvas is an even number (eg 64x64 or 32x32), I can't put a circle dead centre. This is because the circle tool always has an odd number of pixels at the apex. Is there a way to change this, and I'm not seeing it? 

Biggest other issue is the selection tool being too limited. I want like a lasso selection.

Love the idea someone else mentioned about a place/platform to share pallets on. This would be wonderful and I throw my 2 cents in to push more attention to the concept.

All-in-all, amazing job, and all in gdscript! gives me inspiration on my personal Godot journey.

Keep up the great work!

Hello, thank you for your kind words and your support!

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to change the fact that circles have an odd number of pixels at the apex. We could work on it on a future update though. The circle plotting algorithm we're using can be found here, but perhaps we could modify it.

As for the selection tool, we plan to enhance the rectangular selection tool as well as add more selection tools in v0.9!

A platform to share palettes is a very interesting idea, but it could be challenging as we don't yet know how to do it. We'll definitely consider it more in the future.

We really appreciate your feedback!

could there be a way to export a pallet as like an array, or have it write the hexcodes of each color on the pallet to a text file and then when you reimport it, it just plugs the hex codes in? I haven't delved into your code at all, so I don't know if this method could be implemented or not. 

As for circles, I ended up just making it 31x31 and that way the sprite is centred. Not sure if this will pose any problems for me or not, as I've only worked with even pixel sprites, but I'm sure it will be fine.

One more thing, though, is it possible to change the default save location? I find it tiresome to browse every time I save something, when I'm always saving in the same place. 

Palettes are being exported as JSON files, which you can open even in a text editor, or import them easily into custom made tools. Hopefully this is good enough. We also plan to work more on the file dialogs and potentially remembering a save location, or letting the user change it.

-the new update-

i realized that the checker actually move when you move the drawing i don't know if this is bug or intended 

but at least for me i find it hard to locate where i should put pixels 


Hello. Yes this is intended, see this for more information:

yes but does it really need to move

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Hey for some reason the .zip file keeps deleting itself before I can extract it.

I've turned off my antivirus and tried again, but the same thign happened, and even restarted my computer but it happened again, even trying to download it through github.

And for some reason it's only this one, I've downloaded another .zip file from the site but it went ok.

Edit: I decided to try the other versions but it deleted itself as well.

Hello. That is not natural, perhaps you should double-check that your antivirus is disabled and the browser isn't deleting the file in any way. I don't know what else might be causing this, sorry.


I just found this software after a hard searching and I'm overwhelmed because it have absolutely everything that I wanted. Now I can finnish my little old projects and I'm sure my firsts games will be concluded in this program. Thanks so much to developers, I hope you guys got bigger and bigger! <3

Obs: I created an account on just for rate Pixelorama. Seriously.

Thank you so much! We're so happy that you found Pixelorama to be useful, you are very sweet!

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This is the best free pixel art tool I've used! It's definitely worth at least 5 dollars, it feels really polished and looks nice, but there are a few things that could be improved.

Customization would be nice, I find the cursor a bit intrusive, and I would like to be able to move on screen elements such as the color pallet or tool bar.

A straight line tool is necessary for good diagonal lines, it's an essential part of most workflows, so that would be a great addition.

There also need to be a selection tool to move around clusters of pixels on the canvas.

Besides those few nitpicks, this is a really quality tool that I hope gets more recognition in the pixel art community!

Edit: I've found that the straight line tool is bound to shift instead of being it's own tool on the hotbar.


Thank you very much for your kind words! We have many plans in store for the future updates, but we'll also try and focus more on customization!

A dedicated straight line tool also might happen in the future. You can also use the rectangle selection to select a part of the image and move it around while holding Shift.


Yeah, I realized the selection tool was a thing like 5 minutes ago, I will be looking forward to future updates, thanks for taking the time to reply!

if you hold shift you can draw straight lines

Deleted 1 year ago

Graphic tablets should work fine already, but some users have reported problems. We'll look more into it for the next update!


Hi, been trying pixelorama and i love it however its there a hand tool to move the sprite that its been made, or at the moment is it just works with the arrow keys??

Hello! The arrow keys are being used for moving around the canvas. You can also use the middle mouse button, or hold Space and move your mouse. If you're looking for a way to move the contents of the image, there is no hand tool right now, but you can make a rectangular selection and drag it while holding Shift!

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Hi, I have not try Pixelorama yet, but can we add text in Pixelorama? I looking something lookalike ANSI art with text in *.nfo file.

Hello! Unfortunately, there is currently no way to add text in Pixelorama.


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I am currently using the version 0.7 to make some godot 2d tiles for a weekend project of mine. This looks a very easy editor for pixelart. Looking forward for more.


Thank you, we are really happy you like it!


This is a really great pixel editor! I would really like a line tool and maybe a site where you can share palettes in future versions, but keep Pixelorama free then! 

Really good program 94/100


Thank you! We like these ideas!


Really cool, would be so awesome to have it implemented as a built-in tool in Godot! :3


Thank you! Our main focus is to maintain it as a stand-alone, but we'd love ti make it a Godot plugin too. Perhaps in the future we'll experiment on it!


I really like this art program, I just wished it had a hand tool or scrollbars for easy canvas navigation.(sorry for my bad english x.x)


Thank you! We may add scrollbars in a future update!


I think a neat feature to add would be the ability to add or use dithered brushes.


We will most likely add dithering tools in the future, so we will look into this! :)


it's a beautiful software, I know it has a lot of potential maybe it will be able to overcome Aseprite


Thank you, we are glad you like it!


Cool app! I have a small suggestion though... Could you add a line tool like the one from Windows XP MS Paint? I find it easier to do pixel art with it, and it's kind of awkward having to press shift to do lines. Thanks for all your work!


Thank you! We are considering this, it will probably be added in a future update!


The new version is really awesome

Improving tools, completely changing the interface and settings (finally, I can put my shortcuts), improving the animation timeline

But still, something saddened - the layers are closely tied to the animation timeline

No, the animation timeline is very convenient, but convenient only for the animation itself. For drawing, this is more likely to interfere.
In the previous version, you could simply delete the time bar and then draw and see layers and manage them.

But now it’s inconvenient to draw, because the layers are not visible if the time bar is removed, and they are still at the bottom, which cuts off part of the screen for the canvas. (It’s more convenient to track the layers bottom side, as in the previous version)

Please make two modes: 1 for drawing and 2 for animation. Well, or something like that. Or make 2 settings of the screen mode: 1 as in the previous 0.6+ (it was very convenient for drawing, but not very convenient in animation) and 2 as in version 0.7.0 (very convenient in animation, but not in drawing)

I hope this helps you a bit in developing this program.

Thank you for continuing to develop this great product.


Thank you very much, we're glad you like it. As for the timeline change, we were afraid that it could cause issues for people who only wanted to draw in one frame. We could add another mode in the future to do what you said, but it's not a top priority right now. We'll do our best to implement it soon though. Thanks for your feedback!


i find the selection tool too primitive 

for example you can't scale the selection or rotate just the selection not the entire image

also i have a bug 

i have a frame when i cloned it 

if i work on the clone the first frame also change 

i tried to copy the entire image and paste it on another frame but same problem 

ty and keep up the good work


The selection tool is probably the weakest point of Pixelorama right now, and we plan to improve it and add more selection tools in a future update. As for the bug, we cannot replicate it. However, the timeline has changed a lot in v0.7 so it's possible it may have fixed itself. v0.7 should release very, very soon!


cool also i want to add a suggestion 

the ability to edit more than one layer 

some times you want the work to effect more than one layer

i really want to participate in this software unfortunately i don't know anything about godot or gdscript 

great work


Thank you for the suggestion, we will keep it mind! 


Your program is very good

surprisingly it's available for free
a lot of things done well
brushes, basic filters on images, keyboard shortcuts and much more

but there are suggestions for improving this wonderful program:

1) add folders
yes, when there is a bit of art and you need several layers, you can do without it, but when you start to do a lot of work with a huge amount of detail, the folder will become a useful tool for distributing and linking everything into work.

2) add a layer mask
I think it will also be useful to add this. Yes, you can manually add parts to certain areas, but sometimes it is terribly inconvenient. Layer mask will save a little time

3) add a button to move a specific layer
The selection tool, of course, is universal and useful, but for it it is inconvenient to move images of certain layers.

4) correct the error with a space and enter the action
I don’t know what this is connected with, but when I move the camera to another place, the previous action (for example, adding a layer, filter, deleting a layer) is repeated by pressing the spacebar or by entering until you press another button or perform other actions and so on infinity (I hope I clearly explained this error).

I hope everything is clear. My English is bad.

Thanks again for this program for creativity and work.
Good luck, willpower and health to the entire Pixelorama development team.


Thank you so much! We really appreciate your kind words and your feedback. We will take notes for future updates! As for the 4th issue, it will be solved in v0.7!


How did you get that discord widget to embed in your itch page?


We followed this guide! :)

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