Your free & open-source 2D sprite editor, made with the Godot Engine, using GDScript!

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Current features as of version v0.8:

  • Choosing between 7 tools – pencil, eraser, fill bucket, lighten/darken, color picker, rectangle select and zoom– and mapping them to both of your left and right mouse buttons.
  • Are you an animator? Pixelorama has its own animation timeline just for you! You can work at an individual cel level, where each cel refers to a unique layer and frame. Supports onion skinning, cel linking, motion drawing and frame grouping with tags.
  • Different tool options for each of the mouse buttons.
  • Custom brushes! Load your brushes from files or select them in your project with the selection tool, and they will get stored in .pxo files!
  • Random custom brushes! Every time you draw, expect to see a different random result!
  • Create or import custom palettes!
  • Multiple project support, using tabs!
  • Pattern filling! Use the bucket tool to fill out an area with a pattern of your choosing.
  • Import images and edit them inside Pixelorama. If you import multiple files, they will be added as individual animation frames. Importing spritesheets is also supported.
  • Export your gorgeous art as PNG or GIF files. Exporting your projects as spritesheets is also possible.
  • Pixel perfect mode for perfect lines, for the pencil, eraser & lighten/darken tools.
  • Save and open your projects as Pixelorama's custom file format, .pxo
  • Undo/Redo support!
  • Autosave support, with data recovery in case of a software crash.
  • Multiple theme support! Choose a theme from Dark, Gray, Blue, Caramel and Light!
  • Horizontal & vertical mirrored drawing!
  • Tile Mode for pattern creation!
  • Split screen mode to see your masterpiece twice! And a mini canvas preview area to see it thrice!
  • Create straight lines for pencil, eraser and the lighten/darken tool by pressing Shift. If you also press Control, you can constrain angles with a step of 15.
  • Generate outlines for your images!
  • Υou can zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel or the + and - keys respectively, and pan by clicking the middle mouse button, by holding Space or with the arrow keys!
  • Keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to change their bindings.
  • Rulers and guides!
  • Rectangular & isometric grid types.
  • Scale, crop, rotate, flip, color invert, HSV-adjust, desaturate and generate gradients in your images!
  • Multi-language localization support! See our Crowdin page for more details.

Make sure to visit our website for more information and join our Discord community server!
Find the source code on GitHub!

And if you like, consider helping us by donating, or becoming a Patreon!


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"Random custom brushes! Every time you draw, expect to see a different random result"

How do I use this feature? Can't find it.

This feature still needs some polishing in order to become user-friendlier, but for now you can use this guide.


nice job the colors are nice and it is quite smooth it deserve more atention

Thanks for the kind words! :)

(2 edits) (+1)

i was getting this for my game i am making in gotod and i did not relize this is made in gotod!

btw good tool*

Godot is a wonderful engine, it can do wonders! We hope you'll enjoy using Pixelorama! :D

Hello, is it possible to combine two .pxo projects of the same size?

Hello, this is not possible right now.

Alright so, my OpenGL isn't supported, I don't know how to check what OpenGL I have, so I can't tell ya. I have a Lenovo Miix 630, so maybe that can help.

Hello. It looks like Lenovo Miix 630's GPU is Adreno 540, which does support OpenGL ES 3.2. Pixelorama requires OpenGL 2.1 minimum, so it should be working. Do you have the latest drivers installed?

Im pretty sure

(1 edit)

It is possible that this happens because your computer has an ARM-based CPU, while Pixelorama's binaries are x86/x86_64. It seems that currently there are not much we can do about this, as Godot, the engine we are using to develop Pixelorama, does not currently support ARM support, neither for Windows nor Linux. Your best bet right now may be to use the Web version, or, less trivially, compiling Godot yourself. I did some research and it looks like someone else with the same computer as you had the same issue with Godot.

That reddit post conicidentally happend to me, anyways, i understand

For what it's worth, Pixelorama is running well for me on my arm-based Apple Silicon :) But possibly due to the translation software included doing it's background magic.

brilliant however I found a bug if you open a bunch of tabs leave the page for a bit come back the back up message is so long that it doesn't show the button because it is pushed off screen. I can't use it any more sadly because of this.

As just an idea mould it be better to fix the bug if you let the message be able to be dragged by the user like the create new tab thingy ma bobby. It is amazing btw im trying to make a precision platformer but doing pixel art is so enjoyable in Pixelorama i just can't stop myself.

Hello, thank you for the feedback! Are you referring to the popup window that appears if Pixelorama crashes and you open it again to load the saved back-ups? This window can already be dragged by the user, if the mouse is on its top, where it says "Please Confirm". Alternatively, you can press OK (or Enter) to load the backups and close Pixelorama normally. The backups will no longer appear. If you don't want to do that, you can use the arrow keys to navigate between the OK and the Delete button. When the message appears, press the right arrow button to select the Delete button and then hit Enter.

We will take a look at the issue and fix is so this no longer happens!


thank you

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Hi, I'm trying out your app. Works great so far. However, I think I found a bug (not sure though).

I created my original canvas at 16x16. Turned on grid view (worked fine)

Then I drew on it.

Then I resized the canvas to 64x64. Now the grid is out of line. I tried turning on/off grid view, but it stays put.

Thought you would want to know.



I love pixelorama, it is my main tool for art whenever I dabble with game design in my spare time. I was wondering if there are any plans for a replace color tool? I am also curious if there is anything in the works for streamlining tileset creation/workflow, similar to Tilesetter, and maybe Godot resource exporting for things such as autotiles, etc. I'm mainly just curious, I understand the intricacies involved with software development that make many of these tasks potentially non-trivial.


Hello! Thank you for the kind words! :) You can already replace colors with the bucket tool by selecting the "Same color pixels" fill area in the tool options. This will replace all of the pixels of the current cel of the same color, with another color.

As for your other requests, we would like to work on them at some point for a future update, but they're not in our current plans yet. Right now we are focusing on remaking the selection system for v0.9!


Oh, excellent, I can't believe I didn't notice that already about the fill bucket.I'm excited for v0.9, thank you for everyone's work on this project!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello, i download pixelorama, and if i tried to open, windows said me that he blocked danger for my pc. Have i ignore it? I know in the program arent viruses or things like this, but i wanted ask if hapennds to you. Thanks for reply.

Hello! This happens because Pixelorama is not a signed Windows application, so Windows automatically does not trust it. But you can safely ignore the message and your PC will remain safe! :)

Yeah he/she is right!


Great stuff.


Thank you!


It has been a while since my last comment but I wanted to let you guys know I'm still using this editor and I love it. But I also have a point of feedback. I experienced both on my Linux as my Windows performance issues the longer I use Pixelorama. As in, my pc runs slower. Also, I noticed the editor becomes slow the more frames I have. This is especially annoying when I edit tilesets, which I separated in frames. But aside of that I love it. And I'm sure the next version will be much better.


Thank you for the feedback! We've heard about performance issues from other users too, and we're planning to attempt to make more optimizations after the next version. If it's possible, could you provide some information about your machine's specifications? Like your CPU and RAM. Thanks again!


Yea, sure. I am running Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon as my main operating system. I got Cinnamon version 4.8.6 installed and my kernel version is 5.4.0-58-generic. My processor is a Intel© Core™ i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz 6 cores and I have a total of 7.6 GiB of RAM and I have an SSD. If you anything else, let me know. :)


All right, thank you! As for the errors, it is possible that they occur from GDScript memory leaks. If I'm not mistaken, the next version of Godot will have them fixed.


I also would like to add that I get several c++ errors while running Pixelorama from my terminal. I don't understand shit of them, like with most C++ errors and I am not entirely certain if they have anything to do with my issue. However, I do wonder if it doesn't have anything to do with bad memory management within Godot But that is just a wild guess and definitely something you could pick up with the Godot devs.

(1 edit) (+2)

Magnificent. Sadly, it doesn't complement Tilesetter as much as I thought. Using Aseprite or, you can simply copy the selection and paste it straight into Tilesetter without having to save the drawn sprite tile. Just select the drawn pixel art, CTRL-C (copy), go to Tilesetter, and CTRL-V (paste). Rinse/Repeat

But it's definitely a very good software for making pixel art. I also really like the built-in capabilities for animation. Although I really hope to see other more common features gets added, like: CTRL-A (Fill selection) and some more. 

Still, since this is open source, I would highly recommend it! 


Thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately, clipboard sharing between other applications is one of Pixelorama's limitations, and we're not sure how to deal with it yet, but we are aware of it and we will try to do something about it in the future.

As for your other suggestion, version 0.9 will come with an improved selection system, which improve the rectangular selection tool a lot, possibly add new selection tools, and add all the other common features that you can find in other software!

oh, I guess I could see how it's a problem, I don't think Godot has an interface to access Windows OS Clipboard other than getting String/Text stuff. 
I'll be cheering you guys on, I can't give back anything as of yet, but it's now my go-to for pixel animation! 


Yeah this is a Godot limitation, but it may be possible to work around the issue with GDNative. We will most likely look into it at some point. And thank you for your support!


we should post our art here

You can, but they might get lost here after time passes. You can join our Discord server and post your art in #art-showcase if you like. You can also post it on your personal Twitter or Instagram if you have, and if you tag and and include the hashtag #Pixelorama we may repost it! If you have better ideas of places to post your art, feel free to suggest!

i'm not asking i'm demanding, but seriously now, i think we could post on deviantart, and also i thought of putting here cause my art style is really simple cause it's supposed and putting here would put me in less pressure at least in my mind


The best free pixel art software. I was trying to find good pixel art software for Linux as I want to make a 2D game with Godot. It's easy to use and I understood at the start with no tutorials on how to use the software. I would recommend this software to anyone that is into Pixel art. Thanks :)

Jonathan Steadman.


Your kind words mean a lot to us, thank you for your support and we are happy that you like it!


i've been following this since july i think, its amazing to see where it has come to, might replace aseprite just for the custom brushes lol

Thank you, we are glad you like it! The custom brushes will get some more love in a future update, so the best is yet to come! ;)


Thank you so much for creating this tool! 

i cant do photoshop

and ms paint doesnt have transparent backerounds (i think)

so this is a great tool!


Thank you for your kind words, we are happy you like it!


Can I select multiple frames and edit them at once, select an entire frame layer with Ctrl+A, or import multiple files as an animation layer/frame? (Also I want to do it with GIFs so I don't have to split it up and do it manually)


Selecting multiple cels is currently not possible, but it is a planned feature for a future update. You can import multiple image files (but not gifs for now) as new layer and frames in your existing project by changing the "Import as" option in the window that appears when you are importing an image. You can also import spritesheets this way.

I'v encountered a problem with the program, it keeps crashing when I open my sprite


Hello. Can you provide some more information such as your operating system, the program version that you are using, what file type you are trying to load, and if it is giving you any messages or errors? If this happens with a specific file, uploading it somewhere so we could take a look would be very appreciated! :)

(2 edits)

I can't export my pixel art to PNG its says Error code 12 

This is a common issue with antivirus. Take a look at this page, and sorry for the trouble caused.


Thank you for the help

I really like your pixelorama

But how do i save my drawing as png.file?


Hello, you can export your drawing as a png file by going to the File menu and choosing Export.


It is a drawing i made completely in Pixelorama, how is it?



Work great the program, the tool promised, i'm feeling the selection tool need work, no is intuitive, and weird of manage, is a basic tool need work.

Thank you! And yeah, we will remake the selection system for v0.9. :)

(3 edits) (+1)

About the Transparency functionality, i added it on mine.

How does it look?

You can check it out here:

Looks very interesting, feel free to open a PR for this! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Also while watching some Godot tutorials i found this:

Can this functionality be added to pixelorama (it can be useful for tracing purposes)

(6 edits)

Hy there, about the centralize problem, i added the feature on the mine using Godot (A few tweaks in the code) also i added an option button at the top left that changes the "UI" based on the mode selected

you can check it out here an if they are good then i would be happy if you add them to Pixelorama:

(Side note: you can see the places where i made the changes in scripts by searching "by variable" in the "Find in files" section in Godot)

The centralize image feature looks very interesting, feel free to open a pull request for that feature and we can take a look at it!

Would you kindly tell me how i can do that?, well the thing is... i am not familiar with GitHub (just created an account right now)

You can read our contributing guideline file for more information. It contains links to help you out if you are new to git! :)

(1 edit)

I already read it but i can't understand how to make a fork or a branch or request (Not just Git but i am new to Github as well). also as i am new i feel like i might end up breaking something

To create a fork, you have to go to the original repository ( and on the top right, click "Fork". This will created a forked repository in your account. As for the rest, this guide does a fantastic job at explaining the process!

hy there, is there any way to centralize a drawing in the middle of canvas?

The only way to move a drawing is by using the rectangular selection, making a selection with it and moving it with Shift and mouse drag. There is no automated way to centralize drawings currently.

Ok, also i noticed that in the pencil tool brushes like Dot, circle, etc can change colour but there are some brushes Like star, Hline etc (i am talking about the brushes at the end) that only paint black. How can i change them? 

Thanks in advance.

By default, the brushes are using their original colors, since it is possible to save brushes with color. To change their color, you need to set the "Brush color from" option to 100.



I have an error when trying to export the sprites, what is the solution for that?

LOL, it was my antivirus xD

Yeah sorry about that, it's a common issue with antivirus software. Not sure what we can do to fix this.

Need Android build.

Maybe in the future. Right now the UI won't work that well with mobile.

Um I have a question, how do you make your animations into a gif?

btw amazing tool just amazing 10/10

You go to Export -> Animation tab and then under the preview there is a selector which allows you to select "All frames as a single file animation". My general advice would be to use it only for smaller sized canvases with lower amount of frames because it will take a lot of time to export. If you want to do a huge animation then rather export frames as multiple files and use some online tool to create a gif from them.

(1 edit) (+1)

This is the best free pixel art program in the world.
I used it to create a Minetest mod, and I had no problem, what's more, among the other options I had this was the best without a doubt, thanks to the fact that I have it in the itch application it updates itself, it is also made in Godot, my favorite engine, every time I need to make a pixel art I will turn to Pixelorama (Google Translate)

Thank you very much, we really appreciate the kind words!

Is there any circle and rectangle draw tool here? 

Btw it's an awesome software. Don't know why not many people are talking about it.

Thank you very much! Not yet, but there will be soon. There is, however, a circle brush for the pencil tool.


Thanks for replying.

Will wait eagerly for new features.

And again Thanks for making such an awesome software.

New to pixel art and this is making it super easy to get started for free! But I do have a question, is it possible to drag a selection? Like not just the selected box but also what is in it? I'm following a tutorial on making a tilemap and dragging and dropping the selections would speed up the process like 60%. Also I was wondering if there is a way to make the grind show boxes of certain sizes. What I mean is the tiles I'm making are 16x16 but the grind is only aligned for every pixel and the ruler every 5. So I was wondering if there was a way to customize how big the grind boxes are or at least where the markers on the ruler would be, if it's not yet, it would be a cool thing for the future.

Hello! Yes, you can drag the selection and its contents by holding Shift and moving your mouse. We will most likely change how this work though, on a future update. You can change the grid's size in Edit, Preferences, Canvas, Grid width & height.


THIS IS SO GREAT, that fixes the only issues I have with it! Thank you for the reply this will speed up the process so much

(1 edit)

how to move a frame like frame 1 to pass frame 3 and to copy one layer frame so i dont redraw

Hello, you can use the buttons on the timeline to move frames. They are next to the add frame button. You can also copy frames.


ok thanks

This is great. But the font is so small on a Laptop. Zoom in works, but zoom out didn't for me, or it's a bit unintuitive maybe, tried rmb, no success. Anyway. Multi select (add to selection) would be nice, also select color range, brightness range etc. Esp to get rid of dark seams of imported material that has blurred edges on a dark background. 

Hello. If you experience issues with the font being too small, you can try scaling up the UI in Edit, Preferences, Interface, Display Scale. To zoom in and out on the canvas, you can use the mouse wheel. Mouse wheel up zooms in, down zooms out. You can also use the zoom tool. We will work on adding multi-selection on a future update!

(1 edit) (+1)

ok, thanks. An other idea is to alter brightness only for a range of  pixels, depending on their brightness, eg. to brighten a dark outline. edit - uh, I said that already ^^

(1 edit)

Sorry for bothering but is it possible to select and copy pixel art in a tab then go to a different tab and then paste it there? or is has not been implemented yet, again very sorry for bothering you. Also how do you delete the guide marks/lines?

Nothing to be sorry for! And yes, you can use the rectangle selection, copy the selection with Ctrl-C, go to the new tab, make a new selection and press Ctrl-V. We will work on improving the selection system for a future update, but this feature will not go away.


Oh ok!

There is this thing bothering me alot when I want to undo many things i have to press Ctrl + z over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, so if there is a way to hold Ctrl + z and keep undoing pls tell me, but if its not a feature try and add it ok! 

anyways this is a amazing tool 10/10 pure awesomeness


Thank you! Sorry for that issue, our contributors have already fixed it and it will be included in the next update!


Oh ok, also thankyou for responding!


W O W C O O L :) :P

T H A N K  Y O U <3

(1 edit) (+2)

Best pixel art editor EVER! I don't know why people don't talk about this...

Also, could you guys add a select and resize tool? The rectangle tool works super well for moving sprites, but I can't seem to figure out how to resize them. Like in Asperite, you can grab it easily and make it smaller or larger. Resize tool would be great! Make add a copying and pasting feature along with the rectangle tool?

Other than that, AWESOME SOFTWARE!

Thank you! Yes, we will work on improving the selection system for a future update. You can already copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) and cut (Ctrl-X), but we will also improve this to be more natural and intuitive.

(2 edits) (+1)

This is so cool! I just found this tool and its amazing just looking at it, also is there a select tool? and is there a way to clear the pixel art I just made?(pls answer)

Thank you! Yes there is a rectangle select tool, and we are going to add more selection options in the future. You can also create a new empty image under File > New.

(1 edit)

Oh ok! thankyou so much, also amazing job! (Where is the rectangle select tool at? still getting use to the controls)

(3 edits)

You can find it on the left side, on the tool bar. It's the top-most tool. Hovering your cursor over the tool icons also displays some useful information about them.


Oh ok, thankyou very much! :)


Love the software! Could use a line tool from Asperite and keeping frames in new frames so you don't have to redraw every time!

Glad you like it! You can use the Pencil tool and hold Shift to create straight lines, but we will also create a dedicated line tool in a future update. You can also click the "Clone Frame" button, instead of "New Frame", to avoid creating an empty frame.

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