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This is the first program to make Pixel Art that I use, and I must say that I loved it, I didn't need a lot of time to learn how to use it, I really recommend it

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Thank you for the kind words, glad you like it!


It's the best free pixel art tool I've ever seen, it's like Aseprite, but free


Thank you, glad you like it!

I have a question, I watched the 0.9 Showcase video and I saw that you made a reflection on the water, how do I do that too?

You use the select tool to select the image, then you paste it into a new layer and use image > flip. Then, you lower the opacity and you make a blue overlay. (That’s what I think happened but I’m not 100% sure)

The tool is very good, I understand that they get better with each update, I have a recommendation and that is that style layers can be grouped as a folder to, for example, create all the objects in a scenario and group them in a folder and not have to join layers as improvements may need to be made to each layer separately.

Hy, It has been implemented in 0.11.0 which will arrive soon


This is awesome! Is there also touch/graphic-tablet support? (or is it coming?)

Mouse controls are awesome, but tried it on a Microsoft Surface with a pen and the controls didn’t seem as intuitive.

Hy 👋, Yes it is coming in v0.11.0 which will come soon.

Thank you! Tablets should already be supported, although you may need to disable Windows Ink for them to work properly on Windows (should be the same with Microsoft Surfaces). In the next version, you will be able to change the tablet driver being used from Pixelorama's preferences, without needing to disable Windows Ink completely. Pen pressure is also coming.

Unfortunately, we don't have a Microsoft Surface to test some specific controls, so if you have some specific changes/improvements in mind, feel free to let us know!

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this is a great program but the eraser tool stopped working for me and i can only use it with the right click thing :[


You can left click on the eraser tool to use it with left click

tried. didnt work. thats why im using it w the right click tool :/


Any chance of an Android version coming out?


It will most likely happen yes, but after version 1.0 is out. There's no timeline yet, but we will make an announcement when the time comes.


Really great software. Absolutely love it! I'm looking forward to donating this

Thank you so much! It would be very appreciated!


This is really well done! I find this as a great free alternative to aseprite 

Thank you!

I have a question about this software. How do I change then default path it asks me to save my file in?

If you save your project in a certain path, the software should remember that path next time you save a project.


Thanks for the information!

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red sus

Will it have a .ase format support?

It may be able to load .ase files one day, but it's not planned at the moment.

Is it possible to layer a transparent picture over the canvas? Im trying to make some of my art into sprites but im hopeless at pixel art and it would be really helpful.

Not in the current stable version, but it will be possible in the next version, in the form of reference images. Right now, you can make Pixelorama's window transparent (by going to the Window menu -> Window Opacity) and have the picture opened in an image viewer app below Pixelorama's window.

How to hide the tool icons flouting next to my cursor 

You can go to the Edit menu, select Preferences, and under Cursors, disable "Show left tool icon" and "Show right tool icon".


Really appreciate having a tool like this on MacOS. Sometimes all I want is something that I could do in Gamemakers’ sprite editor, but everything out there is so complicated in comparison. Thank you :)

Glad you find it useful!

A great feature to have is to have artboards, selective exporting, batch exporting (separating sprites as assets). Good for working with an atlas.

Hello, do you mean something like this?

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why is it blurring?

It's most likely a hiDPI monitor issue. Try going to the Edit menu, selecting Preferences, Interface, and resize the user interface.


Ok, You are approved cool!

Thank you! :D


Tenía un problema con el tamaño de las letras y este comentario fue de gran ayuda. ¡Muchas gracias!

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