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Amazing as always!!

Can you guys add Noise option in later updates?

Because every time I want to add noises to my sprites I need to use other programs for it, which can be a little annoying.

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Hy, do you mean adding audio to animation?

Hello, no not sounds, I meant filter noise.


Could you post a video for reference?

Also feel free to open a discussion on GitHub 👍

Hello, thank you! Are you referring to Noise such as Perlin and OpenSimplex noise generation?

Greetings, yes! I am referring to those noises. Noises so I can add to my sprites for some noise effects.

Something like in GIMP we have Filters > Noise > HSV Noise.


This is an interesting idea. We'll definitely keep it in mind for a future update!

It does not currently save my settings. Which is a bit of a shame, as I genuinely think this is better than Asesprite.

What kind of setting?

Could you create an issue about it on GitHub?

Hm. I thought all user settings reset, but it seems only some of them do - onion skin settings and resized interface elements. I also can't reassign tool shortcuts. I guess I could open these as issues on GH.

It's not a dealbreaker, I still prefer it to other editors out there.


Hy, if anyone here's interested to use the extension system, here's the "VariableStore" (Lots of extensions available there)

Very good tool!

Would be great to have android build. Recently Godot itself works great on tablet with keyboard/mouse. And web version of pixelorama also works on Android abd it's usable, but I can imagine native build will work even better!

Thank you! An Android version will most likely happen at some point.

the app say error n° 12 how fix it

Hello, this may help you:


Wooo this looks great!



The pixel art tool of all time

Thank you!

How do you export to gif? 

You can go to the File menu, select Export and click on the Animation tab. From there, you can export gifs. You can read this for more details:


Thanks! I appreciate it!

This can export gif. How can you do that in Godot? Say I have an array of images and wanted to make a gif out of them.

Godot unfortunately does not have a built-in way to export gifs, so we are using this addon

I tried on my pc and a friend's one and when generating a gif it crashes or this error appears

E 0:00:08.230   getornull: Condition "!id_map.has(p_rid.get_data())" is true. Returned: nullptr

  <C++ Source>  ./core/rid.h:151 @ getornull())

and generates a bad gif. Like it seems that some frames are not generating correctly.

Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'is_alive' in base '_Thread'. I run it in godot 3.2.3 and this appeared

Hy 👋,Have you tried with the latest Godot? (Ver 3.5)

Yeah, I tried it with 3.2.3, 3.4.3 and 3.5 


Wow! That's amazing! I just switched to Godot and found an awesome pixel art tool made in Godot!

Have you considered to make a version of the Asesprite Wizard add-on for Pixelorama? Would be amazing work on Godot with a set of tools made in Godot 🤯

And Voxelorama just completes the set as I'm doing a 2.5D game combining pixel and voxel, keep up your amazing work!

Here is the add-on I talked about:


Thank you so much! A similar add-on for Godot that can import Pixelorama files already exists, you can find it here:


Oh amazing! The Godot community should know more about your tools 

I checked several resources docs, repos, etc and never found anything related to Pixelorama or Voxelorama 

I would recommend to check the official Godot repos and let them know your tools and the add-ons to include them everywhere 😉

Pixelorama already has a page on Godot's showcase and is mentioned in the Awesome Godot list 😁

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It's so cool to see your project grow! It's getting better and better!

I have a suggestion. When saving the animation with the frames as different images the "_" is added to the name to separate the numbering and tags. Wouldn't it be better just add the numbering without "_" while the artist chooses whether to separate the numbers of the names and the names of tags? Because just adding the "_" to the end of the name and it will happen, but maybe the artist prefer another way.

Another suggestion is to export just a selected tag.



Thank you for the kind words and feedback! We plan on improving the exporting process eventually, and we will definitely keep your suggestion in mind.


I can finally replace Aseprite as my sprite animation tool. Thank you!


Glad you like it!

I downloaded new version. I have issue, the canvas is very laggy. Everything else seems to work correctly. Any idea why?


Hello.We are working on a new update that should improve performance. The update will most likely be out soon, but if you want to use it now, feel free to try a Nightly build to test if you can see any performance increases

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Works way better but still has small mouse delay on canvas. But I can work with this. Thank you! Waiting for new update :D


Glad to know that it works better! We'll keep doing our best to further optimize the program.




Are you planning on adding an android port of it

Yes, but there are some UX/UI issues that need to be taken care of first. An Android port will most likely happen at some point, but we're not sure when yet.

awesome pixel art tool! 

Thank you!

Hy, if anyone here's interested to use the extension system, here's the "VariableStore" (Lots of extensions available there)

just a question - someone knows how to add a custom tool?

for example for me would be usable drawing lines of darkness/lightness. or filling all selection... 


You would have to make an extension to add a custom tool (you may get more info about it in the discord server)
the shading tool can already draw lines of darkness/lightness...

no. It draws pixels. And then i mistake a lot..  ;-;

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Hold "shift" while drawing and it will draw lines

hold "ctrl" while drawing and it will instantly switch to the other mode (lighter to darken and vice versa)

You can also hold "shift" while you are pressing "ctrl"

no. in my version i have separate tool for lines... and it doesnt contain darkening/lightening... 

and as i said - also managing selection more than only copy/cut/paste/delete :/ (read - darken, lighten, fill all, draw square and circle)

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Which version of pixelorama are you using.???
These are the tools available in version 0.10.1

I downloaded new version. I have issue, the canvas is very laggy. Everything else seems to work correctly. Any idea why?

I fell in love. TRANSPARENCY????!!!!?!?? Thanks for this gift amongst mortals

Hahaha, thank you for the kind words!

You can also rotate the canvas ;)

Is there a shortcut to resize the brush? There is no translation for the new shortcut Settings, I can't find it, and I don't know how to set the shortcut Settings.

Hello! There is no shortcut for this yet, but there will be in a future update. Translations will also be added in the future.

it would be great if the top right preview would respect the animation tags

Hello, can you explain what you mean in more detail?

If the preview played the animation tag we have selected and not the entire timeline
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But it should already be doing that...

Did you enable the (Animation plays only...) Checkbox from the tag menu?

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If it still doesn't work, feel free to create an issue on Github (along with a video demonstration of this bug if possible), or seek help from the Discord community server so we can better understand what is wrong

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Wait wait wait... you're talking about the play button on the top-right preview right? (that may be a bug)

Okay,the bug's now fixed for the 0.10.2 version. Thanks for letting us know :)

I have a question, is there any thought about making a Pixelorma on steam?

We are thinking about it, but we're not sure when it will happen. If Pixelorama gets on Steam, it will most likely cost money there (like Krita), since Steam doesn't have a "pay what you want, if you want" system like has. It will remain free here, of course.

I can't download the app because Mac says "'Pixelorama' can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software." and that the software needs to be updated. :(

Hello! You have to follow these steps in order for it to runL


Hy, if anyone here's interested to use the extension system, here's the "VariableStore" (Lots of extensions available there)


Man this is very good app, 10/10 stars from me!

Thank you so much!


Looking good :] Any chance of a release for PowerPC G4 mac (universal binary)

Thank you! Right now we're sticking to the platforms Godot exports for (with the exception of Raspberry Pi, which is a platform supported and maintained by the community of Godot), so unless either Godot or its community offers support for a platform, we can't support it unfortunately, especially if it's about older computers.

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I made this in Pixelorama. The process went fairly smoothly until I compiled the screenshot. Cloning a layer often produced a blank layer or a previous state of the layer. Creating a blank layer or loading sprite layers shorter than the number of frames in the project caused random sprites to be added to the layer. These sprites had been duplicated and merged into layers. However, Pixelorama would stick a couple of extra sprites into unused frames. It's like the program remembers past commands and executes them randomly. Since this only occurred with the larger project, my small amount of memory, 4 GB, may have been contributing. I found workarounds and will continue to use your product. I have no income and very much appreciate this tool that may help remedy the situation.

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Projects occasionally add a couple of extra colors that are close to the palette. I've used ZSTD compression, as I couldn't leave it unchecked by default. I don't know if the color aberrations happen without it.


Hello! Your animation looks amazing! :) We are sorry for the issues caused and thank you for reporting. This is definitely some weird behavior and it is possible that it may have to do with some kind of memory issue, but we're not sure. We'll do our best to investigate and fix the issues in a future update.

Are you able to add Pixelorama to the tool database?

Yes, we will do so once we make some further improvements to the user interface. The suggest a tool page lets us upload a screenshot, but I'm not sure if it can be changed later.

The link next to "Made with" takes one to a page of games made with the tool and doesn't show the tool.

I turned the mockup above into my 1st game using Pixelorama. Thank you.


It looks fantastic! We feel very honored that Pixelorama was a part of your first game!

Hi, may I ask how this achieves exporting images with a transparent background? This is something I've been struggling with in my own project and have found little information about. Apologies if this is not an appropriate place to ask.


Hello, since Pixelorama is made with the Godot Engine, png exporting is being handled by Godot for us, so I'm not sure if I can provide with a meaningful answer. Images are being constructed with Godot's `Image` class, which is transparent by default, so we don't do anything special to handle transparency. If you are using Godot as well, the documentation page of the `Image` class is a great help.


Thank you!


Respect for free and opensource bro :)


We love free and open source! <3


Cool program, will you add something like a bone/skeletal animation feature?


Thank you! It's a great idea but we don't currently have plans for this. It may happen, just not in the near future.


I didn't expect to support Chinese. This software is very easy to use. Thank you very much!

We are happy that you like it!



Thank you!


I have been using this for months it's my go-to pixel art tool. But I have one major complaint. It's really annoying having to navigate out of the Pixelorama saves folder all the way to my Godot project folder every time I want to open an image or export an image. So please make it so that I can change the default path in settings. From my experience, this should be relatively easy and the only reason I'm not making a pull request on GitHub is that I'm already working on a project and don't want to get sidetracked any more than I already do.


Thank you for the feedback! We will definitely address this in a future update.


Great Software👍


Thank you! :)

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I wasted so much time making a sweatshirt that I can´t just delete it so the only option I have is to install it

Great software tho 

Hahaha, thank you!

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Hiya, so I've been using this for about a month now and I'm finally getting use to using the keybinds which helps alot!

But now I have this teeny little issue that's getting more and more annoying everytime it happens.

I load up Pixelorama, and it'll load my previous project as normal but I can't edit it at all in any way until I make a new canvas, after making the new canvas it somehow fixes itself though so I've been having to create a new canvas just to delete that new canvas everytime I want to work on the project-

Any ideas?

Edit: this also happens if I turn off the autoload last project feature and load it manually

Hy, what version of pixelorama are you using?


Hi! I noticed your reply and got the newest version, I was using v0.9.2 but I got the v0.10 release and it's not happening anymore now.

glad it worked

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I JUST made a itch account so that i can comment on this. here's the features I ask for:

1.whenever we click & paint on a pixel, then go to another pixel on the screen while holding shift, we will create a straight line just like a line tool, but it will be FAAAAR more precise & not so tedious to just hold left click & move the mouse some millimetres to correctly draw a line.

2.Multiple selection. when a selection is done either using magic wand or lasso tool, if we press & hold shift while selecting anywhere else, that will also be selected including the previous selection.

Just looking forward these get implemented into the game.. er software! Thank You In Advence!

Edit: I deleted all the other stuff cause I'm dum & didn't looked in the settings called 'Preferences'

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Hy, Are you asking for a line tool? If so then pixelorama already has one (from v0.9 onward) where you can simply left click and draw a line plus line tool comes with more options like displase origin, symmetric drawing etc...


No I am asking for an option in which if we like select or paint a pixel then go somewhere else in the canvas & then click while holding shift, there will be a straight line made between the pixels. if there is already an option like this, please let me know.

Marquee Fill


Ok so you want a line tool but instead of dragging to create the line you simply click point a then point b?


Hello, the second feature already possible, see

Oh yea ok!

supercool awesome! I made some palettes (game boy,supercasette vision,c64,vhs) translated to 0-1 format from the official palettes in rgb format. Also black and white added to those palette. Works perfect, planning to do retro Amiga deluxe paint palette, nes composite palette. Anyway, I edit the .tres files directly, very nice custom editing done some heavy testing.

Color toggle using keyboard would be nice to have keys example 1. first color 2.back 3.forward 4.last color especially for tablet users so when using mouse or pen, left hand can toggle colors when drawing you dont loose focus of position. Also a little sound blip can be useful when toggling colors with option sound on/off ofcourse.

Thanks !

Thank you for the kind words and feedback! What exactly do you mean by color toggle? Switching between the left and right colors? You can already do that with the X button on your keyboard.

I mean toggle the palette colors from keyboard, if you have color1 chosen in the palette, keyboard press "N" then next color in palette is chosen.

yeah there's Also a discussion about it on GitHub Here

Really good! Great job guys i'm using it with the godot extension and it works great, on a side note i would love it if you added a shortcut for changing the brush size and i think some of the options don't save, i have to uncheck "show rulers" every time i open the program. Thank you for the hard work! this application has come a long way.

Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback! We took notes for future versions! :)

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hue shift tool is neat. i hadn't seen one implemented before!


Glad you like it!

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