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The tool is very good, I understand that they get better with each update, I have a recommendation and that is that style layers can be grouped as a folder to, for example, create all the objects in a scenario and group them in a folder and not have to join layers as improvements may need to be made to each layer separately.

Hy, It has been implemented in 0.11.0 which will arrive soon


This is awesome! Is there also touch/graphic-tablet support? (or is it coming?)

Mouse controls are awesome, but tried it on a Microsoft Surface with a pen and the controls didn’t seem as intuitive.

Hy 👋, Yes it is coming in v0.11.0 which will come soon.

Thank you! Tablets should already be supported, although you may need to disable Windows Ink for them to work properly on Windows (should be the same with Microsoft Surfaces). In the next version, you will be able to change the tablet driver being used from Pixelorama's preferences, without needing to disable Windows Ink completely. Pen pressure is also coming.

Unfortunately, we don't have a Microsoft Surface to test some specific controls, so if you have some specific changes/improvements in mind, feel free to let us know!


I will test 0.11 out on my surface and let you know

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I agree

this is a great program but the eraser tool stopped working for me and i can only use it with the right click thing :[


You can left click on the eraser tool to use it with left click

tried. didnt work. thats why im using it w the right click tool :/


Any chance of an Android version coming out?


It will most likely happen yes, but after version 1.0 is out. There's no timeline yet, but we will make an announcement when the time comes.


Really great software. Absolutely love it! I'm looking forward to donating this

Thank you so much! It would be very appreciated!


This is really well done! I find this as a great free alternative to aseprite 

Thank you!

I have a question about this software. How do I change then default path it asks me to save my file in?

If you save your project in a certain path, the software should remember that path next time you save a project.


Thanks for the information!

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red sus

Will it have a .ase format support?

It may be able to load .ase files one day, but it's not planned at the moment.

Is it possible to layer a transparent picture over the canvas? Im trying to make some of my art into sprites but im hopeless at pixel art and it would be really helpful.

Not in the current stable version, but it will be possible in the next version, in the form of reference images. Right now, you can make Pixelorama's window transparent (by going to the Window menu -> Window Opacity) and have the picture opened in an image viewer app below Pixelorama's window.

How to hide the tool icons flouting next to my cursor 

You can go to the Edit menu, select Preferences, and under Cursors, disable "Show left tool icon" and "Show right tool icon".


Really appreciate having a tool like this on MacOS. Sometimes all I want is something that I could do in Gamemakers’ sprite editor, but everything out there is so complicated in comparison. Thank you :)

Glad you find it useful!

A great feature to have is to have artboards, selective exporting, batch exporting (separating sprites as assets). Good for working with an atlas.

Hello, do you mean something like this?

ohhh exactly, additionally I don't quite seem to find a way to separately play different animation in the same sprite sheet. Is there a way I haven't heard off?

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why is it blurring?

It's most likely a hiDPI monitor issue. Try going to the Edit menu, selecting Preferences, Interface, and resize the user interface.


Ok, You are approved cool!

Thank you! :D


Tenía un problema con el tamaño de las letras y este comentario fue de gran ayuda. ¡Muchas gracias!


Very amazing! considering this was made in godot is so incredible May i request a feature? Can you make the brush size adjustable with + and - keys??


The version 0.11 will allow quickly changing the brush size with Ctrl + mouse wheel.

oh, Thanks!!

This is definitely the best pixel art app that I've used I absolutely love it!!!! 

Thank you so much!


Using this for 2 years now definitely the best pixel art editor out there.

Thanks! We're happy to have you with us for so long!


This program is so great, the cursor is fast and has pixel perfect, the timeline is super noob friendly but also very complete and the palettes are easy to import. I would love to see it getting a couple more tools in the future, like a curve tool, text, and modes for the layers, sorry if I ask too much, I just got used to programs photoshop like; but it still amazing.

Thank you for the kind words, and we're really glad that you like it! More features will definitely come in the future, and a text tool is already under development.


Pixelorama is the best pixel art software. I am using for my projects. Soon I will release some games on !!

Thank you so much for the kind words! We look forward to playing your games!

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I have a question/recommendation,

Is there or is there a way to emulate this tool that switch colors with a certain pattern?

There is a pattern mode in the bucket tool. I am not sure if that's exactly what you wanted but it does replace a specific colour with a selected pattern.

WOOOOOOW that's so good !!! (and made with gowodot lezgo omg) the only thing that it lacks for me to use it as my main pixel art support for my tablet pen, i'll keep waiting for it xD

Thank you so much for the kind words! Pixelorama should work with all kinds of tablets already, since they are being treated as mice. Unless by support you mean pen pressure, which Pixelorama indeed does not support yet, but it will in the future.

Ah I have a bug then : i'm using a surface pro 7 win11 and an onscreen pen but it draws at most points...

like for it to draw anything using my pen I have to just "click" and it only makes a point (with the size and color of the pen), if i hold and drag it doesn't draw anything, like i see the mouse position following a bit before going back to the position where the pen touched first and it doesn't draw anything and also some icons in the bottom right of my task bar begins flickering xD

I tried with the pen tool in both mouse slots (idk the official words x) ) and everything works well with my mouse and even with touch

It's possible that Windows Ink is causing issues, try disabling it. It has been reported by multiple users that Windows Ink does not work well with Pixelorama. In the next version, we will add an option in the Preferences to change the tablet driver that Pixelorama uses on Windows, so you won't have to disable Windows Ink anymore.


Wow I used the Browser version and so far it's awesome! I will download this and use it for games and maybe even pixel animation

Glad you like it!


Hey! I love the program, really good UI.

I have two suggestions for the colorpicker. It should pick colors from all the layers, not only the current layer. And it would be great to have a temporal shortcut (like holding alt in photoshop). So you can pick a color sample and immediately continue drawing, without the need to re-select the drawing tool. 

Thank you, awesome work!

Hello, thank you for the feedback! Holding Alt while you have a drawing tool selected already works as a color picker, and the shortcut can change in the Preferences (under Shortcuts, Tool modifiers, Draw tools, Quick color picker). As for the color picker picking from all the layer, this is planned and will happen at some point! :)

Oh I didn't noticed it, thanks!


Hey downloaded it for the first time today, and I would say its an awesome free alternative to aseprite! I cant believe that this is what it's like before 1.0, can't wait to see what is in store for future updates.


Thank you so much! The future updates will have some exciting stuff for sure! :D

Hy, if anyone here's interested to use the extension system, here's the "VariableStore" (Lots of extensions available there)

Can you please add a rotate viewport/canvas function?
I.e. an anchor on the canvas for free rotation.

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It's already added, you can click on the angle text (next to the zoom percentage text) to change the viewport angle

Oh cool.Didn´t see that.


I have an strange bug when I use transparency and export as a gif.

the final result is literally buggy, colors inverted, disappear or change each frame.

there's a way to fix this?

also only for curiosity, when will the new version come out?

Despite all the problems I've had with the app, it's simply the best out of all the ones I've used. so thank you very much for the hard work.

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Hy, the .gif does have an issue that it behaves weirdly if there are more than 256 colors in a frame then that frame will become buggy. On the plus side, a new format (.apng) has been added for the next version that could be used as a replacement

Also if you want, you could try out the nightly builds from Here


Me encanto la aplicacion, 

no se que mas comentar, pero esta bastante buena y tiene pontencial.

Thank you!

Hello, I have really enjoyed using this program; but there is something that I do not know if it is possible to do in it: is it possible to rotate images? And is it possible to export the images to a format with few colors? (I mean exporting images to 8bits and not 24bits).

Being honest, these issues are what limits me to not make this program as my main pixelart (since i used GraphicsGale as my main).

Hello! Yes, rotating images is possible by going to the Image menu and selecting "Rotate Image". There are a lot of rotation algorithms, but we recommend either "Rotxel with Smear" or "Nearest Neighbour (Shader)" because these are the fastest.

Limiting the colors on export is not currently possible.

Thank you very much for answering (I hope that one day it can be exported in 8bits); I have an other question, is it possible to cut something so that it can be moved around the canvas using a grid movement?


You can use a selection tool to create a selection, and then you can click on it to move it. If you hold `Control`, the movement will be snapped to the grid. You can read this for more information:

Hi I've been really enjoying your program and think its incredible as a beginner friendly tool for both Pixel Art and Animation. But I do have a question about the animation part, specifically is there a way to export animation files as Videos or can they only be exported as GIFS? or if not possible are there plans to make it possible to export animations to a video file such as MP4? Thank you for this incredible program either way.


Thank you for the kind words! Currently it is only possible to export animations either as multiple png files or as a .gif file, with .apng support coming in the next version. Video exporting is not possible at the moment, but we'd love to implement it at some point.


Thank you for the reply! Its nice to know that the animation feature is gonna get a new exporting option in the next update and its great to hear that Video exports might eventually become a thing sometime in the future. Thank you again for this wonderful program.


Just checking this out and 'bought' it for $2, just so the devs know that isn't a reflection on your work but indicative that I haven't even checked it out yet but wanted to support the idea regardless.


Thank you so much! Every donation counts and we appreciate them a lot! We hope you'll like it when you check it out :D

i like the app it runs well on linux but i have a question will there be a support for cmyk color palatte?

Glad you like it! We don't have plans for CMYK at the moment, but it may happen in a future update.


What an incredible tool. For not even being 1.0 yet, I have made a surprisingly great amount of assets on it. It has some quirks, but that’s why it’s in active development.

It’s not Aseprite level yet, but it’s also free. Less complex than Graphics Gale with more features than Piskel. Excellent free pixel art app.

Some bugs I have noticed: program chugs pretty hard with larger files, even simple ones. Having the animated select off though does help. Undo can also be strange if you click on the wrong area rather than act as a global undo. But once again, this app is highly functional. Just know it’s under construction.

Thank you so much! It's true that Pixelorama is still under development, and right now it does struggle with larger images. Moving forward we want to improve the user experience of the application, and optimize it even more for larger projects. Nevertheless, we are very happy that users use and like it, even if it's still under development!


i was doing an animation and suddenly the application crash and now i cant open the file and it size now is 0 B, i have enabled the autosave, when i start the application again it doesnt ask me for recover the file,  there's a route of backup of something :c?

Hello. Did the crash occur while saving the project? Unfortunately this is a known issue with large projects and ZSTD compression. You can try disabling ZSTD compression when you save, but keep in mind this may result in large files.

To find the backup, you can go to the Help menu, click on "Open Logs Folder" and go to the parent folder. There, you may see a file which name start with "backup-". You can rename it to add the `.pxo` extension, and load it into Pixelorama.

We are sorry for the trouble caused. The issue with the pxo's size being 0B will be solved in the next version, but we are still investigating why saving a large project with ZSTD compression causes crashes.

yep, the crash happen while saving the proyect plus, now i see all the backups also are 0 B, thank to god that i save a copy of the proyect and i just lost 5 hours instead of a whole week.

how can i disable ZSTD compression?

Anyways, thanks for the quick response and feedback. As a programmer I know how complicated it is to fix these kinds of issues.

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In the dialog that appears when you save a project, there is a checkbox on the bottom sidethat lets you toggle ZSTD compression, which should be enabled by default. You can click on it to disable it, and hopefully it should no longer crash.

We are very sorry for the problem, and thank you for the understanding! Unfortunately Pixelorama can be a bit problematic for larger projects right now, but we will improve on that in future updates.

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Hy, if anyone here's interested to use the extension system, here's the "VariableStore" (Lots of extensions available there)

hi, i'm a little new using pixelorama and Im looking for the existence of one tool.

there is a tool that let you move a bunch of frames to a specific frame?

i mean for a example move the frames 10-20 to the 60 frame.

so now this frames are the 61 to 71 frames.

anyways thank you for this program it is really useful and the most complete of all that I have used. :>

Hello! Right now you can only move individual frames around, but we do plan on making it possible to move multiple frames together in a future update!

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Is there a way to remove that custom cursor thingy which shows me which tools I'm currently using? It is annoying me since I can see the tools at the left of my screen.


You can go to the Edit menu, Preferences, Cursors, and untick "Show left tool icon" and "Show right tool icon" options.


First, thanks for that hard work on pixelorama.Is it possible to add better pen tablet support? Not pressure but switching between Pen and Eraser doesn´t work correctly.I can simulate B/E on the xp-pen software and set the Pen and Erazer B/E in pixelorama, but the hell it doesn´t work.

Hello! Thank you for the feedback. Are you suggesting that Pixelorama should be able to detect if the pen is inverted or not, and if it is, it should act as an eraser? I think this should be possible, we will look into it!

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