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Wow! I would ABSOLUTELY contribute if i had enough time/some money.


We appreciate it! But it's okay, we don't want anyone to feel that they have to contribute. Just using the project and leaving a nice comment is enough! :)


I can't believe I'm only just now stumbling across this! What an incredible piece of work(: Thank you Orama Interactive and developers involved


We are very happy that you like our project! :)


Saving Image .pxo


Hello, please take a look at this page of Pixelorama's documentation

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Hello! I love your app and I use it for all of my drawings and animations! I was just wondering how the reference image works? I have tried to get the image there but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Also, it keeps crashing for me, I don't know why


Hello! You can import an image as you normally would (either by going to File, Open or by dragging and dropping it into Pixelorama's window) and then changing the "Import as" option to "New reference image". Then, in the Reference Images tab (by default it is found next to the Canvas Preview tab, on the top right of the interface), you can modify the reference image by moving it around, scaling it, changing its opacity etc.

As for the crashes, are they related to the reference images? Do you have any steps that we can follow in order to replicate these crashes?


I just draw in the app and it crashes for me as soon as I do that. I don't know why it happens but it started as soon as I downloaded the newer version. Also, thank you for helping me about the ref images!


Sorry for the trouble caused. It crashes in version 0.11.3, but not the previous version you were using? If it's easy for you, we would appreciate if you could send us Pixelorama's log files (you can see how to find them here, in case the crashes output an error message.

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hi! get a current problem with graphic tablet on windows ver.

got windows 11 and gaomon s620(if model is needed)
turning off windows ink and turning on mouse mode doesn't help at all D:

problem solved itself after rebooting system :D


Hy, if anyone here's interested to use the extension system, here's the "VariableStore" (Lots of extensions available there, including Voxelorama)


these extensions are free ??

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all of the extensions available in the store are Free 😁


any new extensions for pixelart theme


This tool is great!

I'm using the Linux version (tried on Manjaro and NEON) and I encountered an annoying bug. In KDE Pixelorama messes up the file associations of almost every file type, most of which are not even images. When trying to switch the file associations back to the preferred dedicated software, it doesn't work and it switches back. I have to manually remove Pixelorama from every file type association and it's awful to be honest. It does this for all the user profiles on the PC, and though I like having something to do in my spare time, fixing the file associations manually is not my preferred pastime. I think you should do something with this issue so that the new users wouldn't encounter this problem.


Hello, thank you for the feedback! The flatpak version of Pixelorama shouldn't have this issue, can you try using that instead and see if the issue remains?


Thanks so much for this tool, I made all the UI of my game using it :)


That's amazing! Feel free to share your game if you want! :D


Hi, thanks a lot! Here's a link to the game:

Hola, tengo un problema que es que cuando guardo el proyecto se convierte en un archivo .pxo y no abre


You have to "Export" the project instead of "Saving"

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Still loving this, still using it. If you don’t want to pay for Aseprite, get this tool. (And donate if you can)

Also - did Centralize Image move? I’ve been overdue to update, did so and it’s not where it was. I can’t seem to find it in the Docs.

EDIT: Nevermind I found it. I noticed it got moved to Resize Canvas as an easy button (which fixes a problem I had with it, as it now works on every frame!) Keep up the great work.

Also - for any having performance issues, try turning off the animated selection borders, this helps quite a bit.

Hy 👋, centralize image option has moved to Frame options menu (right click frame number)

Btw, The center option in resize canvas has always been there 😅

Very cool Tool ! Is there an index color mode ?

Not yet unfortunately


It's very fun to use, I enjoy it a lot with a mouse, sadly feels uncomfortable using it with a graphic tablet and the shortcuts arent the most intuitive coming from other software. Still it's a tool I'll probably keep using


Just discovered there is no layer blending mode, hope it comes soon


Hello, and thank you for the feedback! Shortcuts can be changed in the Preferences, if you wish to set your own. Currently there are some shortcuts missing, mostly for certain buttons in the interface, but those will be added in version 1.0. Layer blending mode is also in the works!

thanks for the hard work      ( ̄▽ ̄)=====b

I want to re-download pixelorama, but it still has performance problems

Hello, what issues are you having?

if any change to add pixel theme for tools and interface (UI) in future updates(LIkE aesprite UI). PIXELoroma is very useful software for me i stop using aesprite now because this software is cool UX


Thank you, we will consider adding a pixel art theme in the future :)

ok thanks

Hello !

I would like to say that this tool is just amazing, but theres an issue that im currently experiencing is that when i click both ctrl and right click, the program crashes and shows error: NVOGLDC invisible.

Hope it helps !

Hello 👋, which operating system are you using? And are you using pixelorama in browser?

Hello, thanks for the reply !

I am using pixelorama on Windows, and i am not in the browser.


Simply awesome! This is exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!

Thank you, we're happy that it suits your needs! :)

Hi this is a great piece of software, I've been using it daily ever since I got it. Just a quick one, isthere a way I can set the default export path?


Thank you! Currently there is no way but it will be possible in a future version.


it so good, i love it

Thank you!


I know it would be asking a lot, but severely feel that the Ipad needs this tool. It has some but they charge a lot for each major version. I wouldn't mind supporting you if it is priced fairly and supports the pencil even if it's rudimentary. Thanks for all your efforts.


For now our main focus in working on the next big update, version 1.0 and improving the desktop experience even further. Then, an Android version is also planned. We'd love to publish on iOS one day, but it's hard for an open source software like Pixelorama to do so. Hopefully it will happen one day, but not any time soon unfortunately.


this program is great i recommend  it

Thank you!

Hello, Orama!

I am experiencing a serious issue with the program on Windows. Whenever I launch the application, the program goes off screen and I can't see it or pull it back to the center.

Any suggestions on how to help would be good! I currently use 2560 x 1440 Pixel monitors. 

The sooner, the better, since I'm trying to make a game at the moment.



Hello 👋

you can move the window by using "Window Key" + "arrow keys"

Launch pixelorama then use the above given shortcut (first try with the left arrow key multiple times, then try the right arrow key multiple times)

Ah, thank you!

Ah.. it actually does not work..

Thanks for you help, anyways!


this owns




We love our community as well <3

Hy, if anyone here's interested to use the extension system, here's the "VariableStore" (Lots of extensions available there)

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I have been using this app for some months now it's very cool !

Thank you, glad you think so!


Thanks a million!
Im currently making a minecraft datapack and this really comes in use for making custom items!

Good to know you are finding it useful!

Is there a fill + outline option for shape tools?

Shape tools (rectangle and ellipse) have a "Fill Shape" option in their tool options on the right side of the application that, when enabled, create filled shapes. Is this what you mean?

No, unless I missed a step there. It created a shape, but no outline; it only drew a filled shape. Is there a way to set a fill color separate from the outline color? Thanks!

Well I can set the left mouse button with the shape tool to draw an outline shape, then set the right mouse button with the bucket tool to fill the outline shape. I was expecting the shape tool to draw a shape with a left-color outline, and a right-color fill.

Yeah this is the only way to achieve what you want as of right now, there is no option for different colors for fill and outline.


Thank you for hosting this tool on for free, we really appreciate it is a valuable tool for our game development and store.

I give this application a ★★★★★ star rating.



We are very happy that you find it useful for your development, thank you for your rating!

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App is not launching from app on linux Manjaro. Attempting to Compile results in OS package manager compiling against godot4 instead of 3.5.2. (Package is from the AUR -Arch Linux- repos.) There doesn’t seem to be a straight forward way to DL a functioning latest version for linux, without doing some serious editing to the build scripts.

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We're not sure why the launching from the app doesn't work, but downloading the binary from the file website should work. There is also the option of Flatpak. We do not manage any AUR packages for Pixelorama, so we can't guarantee how up to date they are and how well they work. To compile it, you need to download Godot 3.5.2 manually (either from their website or Flatpak) and run Pixelorama as a project, which can be found on GitHub. We have plans to update to Godot 4 soon.


I appreciate y’all! I know it’s difficult to update to godot 4 if your project deploys to web. I understand about the AUR thing. I’ll message that package maintainer next. What I’ve gathered is Godot has changed the reference “godot” in linux pkgs to point to 4 latest instead of 3 latest so when u dl and install from AUR the pkg manager compiles with the wrong version. So, I’ll ping the maintainer next. Thanks for all your hard work. I can’t wait to try the new features!

i really really like this program!, but it does have a problem where sometimes it just crashes or doesn't update the canvas.
also a selection rotate tool would be appreciated lul

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Thank you for the feedback! Rotation gizmos for selection are planned and will come in a future update! We apologize for the issues, if you have any example crashes with steps to reproduce them it would be greatly appreciated, because that would help us to potentially fix them.


i walked up to this tool, took it, and it's now mine



Hy, if anyone here's interested to use the extension system, here's the "VariableStore" (Lots of extensions available there)




lets play n1 together the map is desert code CVC7

it's hard to understand pls help

Sure, how do i help?


Congratulations on the update! The tool is so good it's scary! The only reason I still don't use it is the fact that, when exporting the frames, the "_" is placed between the tag names and between the numbers to separate them. As I still edit a lot of my game images and they are saved with "-", I unfortunately can't save over them. It's a lot of work to save in another folder, edit the names and cut to the original folder.

Do you intend to modify this one day so that it is possible to separate the tags and numbers with another character (or maybe not separate)?


Thank you for your kind words and feedback! Yes, giving more freedom to modify the format of the exported file names is something we plan on doing eventually.


I love this and it's quickly becoming my main pixel art tool! Also I submitted it to for when you choose which tools you used for your project! Can't wait to see what comes in the next update!


The next one has a LOT of new things 😉


Thank you so much! Glad you like it! :D

This is the first program to make Pixel Art that I use, and I must say that I loved it, I didn't need a lot of time to learn how to use it, I really recommend it

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Thank you for the kind words, glad you like it!


It's the best free pixel art tool I've ever seen, it's like Aseprite, but free


Thank you, glad you like it!

I have a question, I watched the 0.9 Showcase video and I saw that you made a reflection on the water, how do I do that too?


You use the select tool to select the image, then you paste it into a new layer and use image > flip. Then, you lower the opacity and you make a blue overlay. (That’s what I think happened but I’m not 100% sure)

Thanks for answering my question.

The tool is very good, I understand that they get better with each update, I have a recommendation and that is that style layers can be grouped as a folder to, for example, create all the objects in a scenario and group them in a folder and not have to join layers as improvements may need to be made to each layer separately.

Hy, It has been implemented in 0.11.0 which will arrive soon


This is awesome! Is there also touch/graphic-tablet support? (or is it coming?)

Mouse controls are awesome, but tried it on a Microsoft Surface with a pen and the controls didn’t seem as intuitive.

Hy 👋, Yes it is coming in v0.11.0 which will come soon.

Thank you! Tablets should already be supported, although you may need to disable Windows Ink for them to work properly on Windows (should be the same with Microsoft Surfaces). In the next version, you will be able to change the tablet driver being used from Pixelorama's preferences, without needing to disable Windows Ink completely. Pen pressure is also coming.

Unfortunately, we don't have a Microsoft Surface to test some specific controls, so if you have some specific changes/improvements in mind, feel free to let us know!


I will test 0.11 out on my surface and let you know

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