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Respect for free and opensource bro :)


We love free and open source! <3


Cool program, will you add something like a bone/skeletal animation feature?


Thank you! It's a great idea but we don't currently have plans for this. It may happen, just not in the near future.


I didn't expect to support Chinese. This software is very easy to use. Thank you very much!

We are happy that you like it!



Thank you!


I have been using this for months it's my go-to pixel art tool. But I have one major complaint. It's really annoying having to navigate out of the Pixelorama saves folder all the way to my Godot project folder every time I want to open an image or export an image. So please make it so that I can change the default path in settings. From my experience, this should be relatively easy and the only reason I'm not making a pull request on GitHub is that I'm already working on a project and don't want to get sidetracked any more than I already do.


Thank you for the feedback! We will definitely address this in a future update.


Great Software👍


Thank you! :)

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I wasted so much time making a sweatshirt that I can´t just delete it so the only option I have is to install it

Great software tho 

Hahaha, thank you!

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Hiya, so I've been using this for about a month now and I'm finally getting use to using the keybinds which helps alot!

But now I have this teeny little issue that's getting more and more annoying everytime it happens.

I load up Pixelorama, and it'll load my previous project as normal but I can't edit it at all in any way until I make a new canvas, after making the new canvas it somehow fixes itself though so I've been having to create a new canvas just to delete that new canvas everytime I want to work on the project-

Any ideas?

Edit: this also happens if I turn off the autoload last project feature and load it manually

Hy, what version of pixelorama are you using?


Hi! I noticed your reply and got the newest version, I was using v0.9.2 but I got the v0.10 release and it's not happening anymore now.

glad it worked

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I JUST made a itch account so that i can comment on this. here's the features I ask for:

1.whenever we click & paint on a pixel, then go to another pixel on the screen while holding shift, we will create a straight line just like a line tool, but it will be FAAAAR more precise & not so tedious to just hold left click & move the mouse some millimetres to correctly draw a line.

2.Multiple selection. when a selection is done either using magic wand or lasso tool, if we press & hold shift while selecting anywhere else, that will also be selected including the previous selection.

Just looking forward these get implemented into the game.. er software! Thank You In Advence!

Edit: I deleted all the other stuff cause I'm dum & didn't looked in the settings called 'Preferences'

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Hy, Are you asking for a line tool? If so then pixelorama already has one (from v0.9 onward) where you can simply left click and draw a line plus line tool comes with more options like displase origin, symmetric drawing etc...


No I am asking for an option in which if we like select or paint a pixel then go somewhere else in the canvas & then click while holding shift, there will be a straight line made between the pixels. if there is already an option like this, please let me know.

Marquee Fill


Ok so you want a line tool but instead of dragging to create the line you simply click point a then point b?

Hello, the second feature already possible, see

Oh yea ok!

supercool awesome! I made some palettes (game boy,supercasette vision,c64,vhs) translated to 0-1 format from the official palettes in rgb format. Also black and white added to those palette. Works perfect, planning to do retro Amiga deluxe paint palette, nes composite palette. Anyway, I edit the .tres files directly, very nice custom editing done some heavy testing.

Color toggle using keyboard would be nice to have keys example 1. first color 2.back 3.forward 4.last color especially for tablet users so when using mouse or pen, left hand can toggle colors when drawing you dont loose focus of position. Also a little sound blip can be useful when toggling colors with option sound on/off ofcourse.

Thanks !

Thank you for the kind words and feedback! What exactly do you mean by color toggle? Switching between the left and right colors? You can already do that with the X button on your keyboard.

I mean toggle the palette colors from keyboard, if you have color1 chosen in the palette, keyboard press "N" then next color in palette is chosen.

yeah there's Also a discussion about it on GitHub Here

Really good! Great job guys i'm using it with the godot extension and it works great, on a side note i would love it if you added a shortcut for changing the brush size and i think some of the options don't save, i have to uncheck "show rulers" every time i open the program. Thank you for the hard work! this application has come a long way.

Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback! We took notes for future versions! :)

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hue shift tool is neat. i hadn't seen one implemented before!


Glad you like it!

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Hello! This is pretty good! Keep going with it - I grabbed it with a nice donation. Just wanted to let you know - when you install the Linux version through the itch app, it opens the pixelorama folder, where the "Pixelorama.Linux-64bit.tar.gz" file sits - after unzipping, then running the tool works properly. Just wanted to let you know!


Thank you so much for the donation and for letting us know about the itch app! We really appreciate it!


Eu já baixei o programa esperando que viesse todo em inglês, então ver que poderia baixar em português foi uma incrível surpresa, seu trabalho com a ferramenta foi e é maravilhoso, meus parabéns.

Thank you very much!

how do I install on my Raspberry pi 4?

Hello, you should be able to run it on Raspberry Pi 4 by downloading the Raspberry Pi 4 version from the downloads list, and then unzip the tar.gz file, and run Pixelorama.rpi4. I think this should work.

I use godot, so the compatabilty (i think) could help alot. thank you for this!

Pixelorama doesn't offer any extra Godot-specific features at the moment, but you can take a look at this amazing Godot plugin that handles .pxo file importing! :)

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it would be nice if you could make a non-pixel art version, then I could make pixel and normal art/animation 

We'd love to do that, but right now pixel art is our main focus and there is a lot of work yet to be done. Making a non-pixel art version is out of scope for the moment, but perhaps it could happen at some point in the future.


is there is shortcut key to move between layers and frame?


Not yet but we are considering it for a future update. Shortcuts is an area Pixelorama needs to improve on, and we plan on doing that!


Good software!I like it!

Thank you, glad you think so!


Dude this is so good! How? And why the best drawing softwares are so unknown?

Thank you so much! Probably because it's still new, but hopefully it will become more known as time goes on! :)


why i will spend money on other tool when i can get this amazing tool for free.

thank you for creating this.


You are very welcome!


This is amazing and honestly, I was looking for a better animation tool for pixel art. Thank you!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

can the height/width is real time? i mean when i make cicle the height/width will show the number when i making the circle size(sorry for bad english)

Hello, when making a shape, its current size is visible on the top bar, right next to the current mouse position.

I didn't notice that,thanks

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hy, the undo/redo can be done through the shortcuts you mentioned,and it can also be done from the "edit" menu


A really fine job!

Thank you so much!

I love the program, i have been using it for almost a year now. I'm super excited about the new features, but i don't know how to update it, can anyone help me please? :c 

Hello, you can just re-download the new version and use that. The old versions can safely be removed when you do download the new version. If you want automatic updates, you can use's official app.

Hello I had a problem, with the part of the palettes. The last version I used was 0.8.3. I just downloaded the current version and it doesn't have the default color palettes. 

Another thing if I try to create a palette and save it, the program just stops responding the first time. After creating and opening the data folder, it doesn't happen anymore.

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Hy, All the pallets/brushes/paterns are stored in "pixelorama_data" folder it's the same folder as it was for 0.8.3, just move thes folder to the same location where the new executable is

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Love this pixel editor!

I use this editor all the time but encountered a big bug recently. I haven't tested it on normal .png files, but I can't export a .gif file on 0.9.2

I tried to export on 0.9.1 or 0.9 and on these versions exporting worked.

Please fix not being able to export on 0.9.2,


also if you need the details of this error, continue this thread.

also again, the editor is great. use it over asprite.

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Hy, i heard that a similar problem did occur for another user that the gif export was stuck at 0% he found out that Quote "So exporting did actually work but the whole time It said 0%" hope it helps...

My error is different. The gif export is completing, but not actually making a file in any location.

Hello, please file a bug report in Pixelorama's GitHub Issues page, with as much detail as you can, including your operating system, steps to replicate, whether this happens for all projects or not and if it doesn't, uploading a .pxo file of a project that does not get exported as a .gif would be very helpful. Also, it might be possible that if you have an anti-virus software installed, it might mess up with file exporting. Users have experienced errors exporting .png files because they had anti-virus software installed.


Hope it helps...

(oh and i forgot to add, I have avast one free instaled...)


AMAZING i was looking for a good pixel art app and i found thanks for this keep up the good work

Thank you so much!

Deleted post

Hello, and thank you for the feedback! As of right now, there are no plans to add flip and rotate tools. We do eventually plan to add rotation gizmos for selections, though, just like there are for scaling. If you'd like, feel free to open a discussion in GitHub, in order to see if your proposal is desirable by more people. 

great but I wish there was a text tool 

Thank you! We are working on it, there will be one in a future update.


I don't see clipping mask feature. Please add this feature 🙏 i really love this software. If possible develop android and ios applications 👌

Thank you, we will think about it! :)


Love the new update, added the basic tools which were my only complaint, I will continue to use it as a replacement for PikoPixel.

We're glad that you like it!


This is my pixel editor for a long time, I needed something simple like this because I use this for making tiles or basic sprites and I don't need all that fancy stuff so I am loving pixelorama. 

I just updated from 0.8 to 0.9 and I loved that it has now m1 mac support.Only Problem with that when I downloaded 0.9 all palettes are gone (even default ones) and all shortcuts needed to add control button (for example undo was command + z in 0.8 but it is control+command+z in 0.9) but I downloaded source code and edited shortcuts in godot so this problem is solved for now. 

Keep up what you are doing, I am so excited for 1.0 version

Hello, thank you for the quality feedback! Sorry about the issues in the Mac version, we don't have a macOS device to test it properly ourselves but we do our best to ensure its quality is the same as the rest of the platforms! :)


Thanks. You are doing amazing job and I am glad if I could help. 

Palettes seems fine on godot (they show up when I start project in editor) but when I export project and run it, it shows no palette. I couldn't find why.

Also for shortcuts, I think that issue might be ctrl key.  Normally "command" key in mac is similar to "ctrl" in windows but godot understands "control" key as ctrl. I can send you the files I edited if you want to see the difference (I only edited key bindings in godot, didn't touch anything other than that) 

If you want, feel free to open a Pull Request inPixelorama's GitHub Repository with your changes! :)


wonderful porgram

Thank you!


This is looking really good already. It already runs sooo much better than Aseprite on my pc and the navigation is really nice. I can't wait to see version 1.0

Thank you very much!

Hi, I've come back to check out the progress of this great tool. Last time, there were few selection tools, but now there is even a Magic selection tool!
That's amazing. 

I think I've encountered a bug or something. I can't seem to export my project as "GIF"

I tried toggling between "Frame" > "Spritesheet" > "Animation" but the File type is still grayed out to ".png; PNG Image" 

Any ideas? I might be doing something wrong or something.


There's two options relating animation you need to select "all frames as single file" from the animation tab

This is really nice, and i have been using it for a very long time, but this stoped working on my mac for a few month now. I have redownloaded the tool but it doesn't seem to work. maybe it's because of the Gotdot engine?

I have an old mac. its macOsX 10.15

Hy, does the godot engine 3.4.2 work on your mac? if it does you could try running it using godot.

Hey, you're showing your UUID and other personal information, I don't recommend...

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