Pixelorama v0.6.1 is out!

This is not a major release, but a followup to v0.6. Mostly contains bug fixes and small changes, no new major features added.



  • Italian translation - thanks to Gaarco!
  • In addition to the middle mouse button, you can now use Space to pan around the canvas.
  • The ability to choose for which color the color picker does its job, the left or the right. (Issue #115)
  • Default image settings are now in the Preferences - thanks to Gaarco!
  • Added option to hide tool icons next to the cursor - thanks to haonkrub (Issue #122)


  • When saving a .pxo file, the file path (along with the file name) gets remembered by the Export PNG file dialog path. (Issue #114)
  • LightenDarken tool no longer affects transparent pixels.
  • More translatable strings, updates to Greek & Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to YeldhamDev) translations.
  • The dark theme button is now pressed by default if the user hasn't saved a theme preference in the config file.
  • Added a VSplitContainer for the tools and their options, and another one for Palettes and Layers.
  • Made minor changes to the UI of tool options, including a ScrollContainer for them.
  • Added a ScrollContainer for the palette buttons on the Edit Palette popup.
  • Made Palette .json files more readable, and placed "comments" on top of the color data.
  • The grid options are now being updated realtime when they're being changed from the preferences, and they are also being saved in the config cache file.


  • Fixed crash that occured when trying to delete contents of a selection, that were outside the canvas.
  • Fixed .gpl palettes not being imported correctly - Issue #112
  • Fixed crash that occured when pressing the play buttons on the timeline, on Godot 3.2 - Issue #111
  • Fixed bug where, if you had a random brush selected and then selected the pencil tool, "brush color from" did not appear.
  • Fixed crash on Godot 3.2.beta6 when pressing the Edit Palette button.
  • The canvas updates automatically when onion skinning settings change.
  • Fixed a rare crash with straight lines. It was possible that the variable is_making_line could be true, even if the line itself has been freed from memory.
  • Fixed issue where undo/redo was not working properly for straight lines that went outside the canvas.


Pixelorama [Windows 64-bit].zip 24 MB
Jan 13, 2020
Pixelorama [Linux 64-bit].zip 25 MB
Jan 13, 2020
Pixelorama [Mac 64-bit].zip 26 MB
Jan 13, 2020
Pixelorama [Linux 32-bit].zip 25 MB
Jan 13, 2020
Pixelorama [Windows 32-bit].zip 23 MB
Jan 13, 2020

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