Pixelorama v0.11.3 is out!


Artwork by Uch, one of the artists for v0.11’s splash screen artworks.

Version 0.11.3, another small maintenance update, is here! No new features on this one, but it has very important bug fixes so it is very recommended that you update. Most notably, the previous two versions had a serious issue where using a tool, then switching to another tool and then undoing had no effect. This is now fixed in this version!

Huge thanks to our contributor Variable, since he pretty much solved every single bug for this update! More 0.x versions may follow if more serious issues are found and fixed.

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What’s new in v0.11.3:


  • When deleting a palette, a confirmation window now appears that lets users either to delete the palette permanently, move it to trash, or cancel. #914


  • Fixed undo/redo history not working when the tool changes. #916
  • Pixelorama no longer closes when the project fails to be saved if “Save & Exit” is selected. #920
  • Projects with 3D cels saved in 1.x can now be opened in 0.11.3. #928

Thank you all for taking the time to read this blog post and for supporting us. We appreciate every and each one of you, with special thanks to our contributors, our translators and our patrons! Happy painting, and keep pixelating your dreams.

Pixelorama is available on GitHub and Itch.io!


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Just downloaded the latest, keep up the good work.

Some errors in the new build. Made sure they were consistent between projects/versions before reporting:

  • Tools do not preview their appropriate pixel size and instead preview at 1 px size when hovering.
  • Center when used from Resize Canvas does not work. I even used squares to make sure I wasn’t making errors. Has been doing this since last version. Don’t know why this broken - worked fine in older version when it was a separate option.
  • Cut/Copy always defaults pasting to the dead center of the canvas. This used to default to its copied position which was VERY helpful when animating and needing to move over a piece. Is this an option I am missing or a change?

Thank you and your team for the hard work, continuously.

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Hello, and thank you for the feedback!

  • Are there any specific steps to reproduce the issue? I'm testing it at the moment and the preview appears to be correct.
  • Center in Resize Canvas is not the same as the old "Centralize Image" option. It's used to automatically set the offset of the image content to the center, if the canvas size is changing. Instead, you are looking for the "Center Frames" option, which can now be found by right-clicking a frame button in the timeline (the ones with the numbers). Selecting multiple frames and selecting "Center Frames" will work on all selected frames.
  • Try using "Paste in Place" (mapped to Alt + Control + V by default) instead of regular "Paste". "Paste" always attempts to place the content at the center of where you are looking at, "Paste in Place" will paste at the original position the content was copied from.

I am not sure about the pixel preview issue but it does get fixed when you restart the app. If i see it again I will let you know. Good to know about the other options! I will check those out.

Thank you again for all your hard work.

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Okay I figured it out (the preview brush size glitch)…. it’s not the freehand draw tool but the Draw Line and Draw Circle tool. It seems to happen consistently when you switch between the two and after you make the first stroke. I posted a Canva video here so you can see. Hope that helps.