Unleash your creativity with Pixelorama, a powerful and accessible open-source pixel art editor. Whether you want to create sprites, tiles, animations for your game, or just express yourself in the language of art, this tool will bring your pixel-perfect dreams to life with its vast toolbox of features.

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Do you need help on how to start, or are you stuck somewhere? You can refer to Pixelorama's official documentation.

Current features:

  • A variety of different tools to help you draw, with the ability to map a different tool in each left and right mouse buttons.
  • Are you an animator? Pixelorama has its own animation timeline just for you! You can work at an individual cel level, where each cel refers to a unique layer and frame. Supports onion skinning, cel linking, motion drawing and frame grouping with tags.
  • Custom brushes, including random brushes.
  • Create or import custom palettes.
  • Import images and edit them inside Pixelorama. If you import multiple files, they will be added as individual animation frames. Importing spritesheets is also supported.
  • Export your gorgeous art as PNG, as a single file, a spritesheet or multiple files, or GIF and APNG animated file.
  • Pixel perfect mode for perfect lines, for the pencil, eraser & lighten/darken tools.
  • Dynamics, such as tablet pen pressure. and mouse velocity
  • Autosave support, with data recovery in case of a software crash.
  • 3D layers that allow you to bring 3D shapes and models into your 2D canvas.
  • Load reference images to help you draw.
  • Horizontal & vertical mirrored drawing.
  • Tile Mode for pattern creation.
  • Rectangular & isometric grid types.
  • Guides that can be snapped to.
  • A perspective editor to help you create artwork with depth.
  • Scale, rotate and apply multiple image effects to your drawings. Rotation offers multiple algorithms, tailored for pixel art.
  • Multi-language localization support! See our Crowdin page for more details.

Make sure to visit our website for more information and join our Discord community server!
Find the source code on GitHub!

And if you like, consider helping us by donating, or becoming a Patreon!

Make sure to read the Troubleshooting page if you are experiencing any issues. Especially if you are a Mac user.


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Pixelorama [Linux 64-bit] 18 MB
Version v0.11.3
Pixelorama Windows 64-bit Installer 31 MB
Version v0.11.3
Pixelorama [Mac].dmg 34 MB
Version v0.11.3
Pixelorama [Linux 32-bit] 18 MB
Version v0.11.3
Pixelorama [Windows 32-bit].zip 17 MB
Version v0.11.3
Pixelorama [Raspberry Pi 4].zip 16 MB
Version v0.11.3

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This beautiful app needs to export/import settings😉

Hello! What exactly do you have in mind?

When I reinstalled the app to the new version, I noticed that my UI and tool settings had been knocked off and reverted to default. Then I looked in the app files and I couldn't find the corresponding settings/configuration file. And it would be very convenient to transfer settings from the old version to the new version so I don't have to customize again😅

Hmm that's weird, the `cache.ini` file should be located at the same place even when changing versions (`C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Pixelorama\` on Windows, `~/.local/share/Pixelorama/logs` on Linux and `/Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Pixelorama/logs` on macOS).

Which platform are you using Pixelorama on, and if you are using Windows, are you using the stand-alone zip version or the installer?

As for UI, in the current versions it's not being saved automatically. To save changes made in the UI layout, you need to go to Window > Layouts > Manage Layouts > Add. If you want to change it later, you need to go to Manage Layouts again and select Edit. In version 1.0 this will change and layouts will be saved automatically whenever you make a change.


Hey I am using the linux version and I have noticed that the cancel button (when you go out of the app with the x button) will not be changed by your language settings insted it will stay the same as your computers native language

updateit is the same with all of the cancel buttons

Thanks for letting us know, noting it for a future version :)

The linux download file (at least for 64) is zip archive that internally contains another archive tar.gz

We are using butler to deploy Pixelorama directly from GitHub Actions to itch.io, and the file we are providing is the tar.gz archive. For some reason, it seems that butler/itch is also zipping that tar.gz file, while it shouldn't. Weirdly enough, this doesn't seem to be the case for macOS's .dmg files, so this seems like a butler bug regarding tar.gz files. Not sure if there's something we can do about it right now.

(1 edit)

in butler you can select directory to send (it cannot invidual files without zipping). You can read on butler site that if you even want to send zip it will be unziped and ziped again by butler so self archiving don't make even sense

Sending individual files without zipping is possible. We are sending a dmg file for macOS and it is not being zipped. The issue seems to be occurring on tar.gz files for some reason. Tar.gz is generally preferred over zip in Linux, as they store Unix metadata such as permissions to execute, which Pixeloraman needs.


Just wanted to say that this is my favorite tool for making all the art for my games. I started using it a few months ago and it’s just so intuitive. I really love how the layers/frames work and how easy it is to export to multiple files. Thank you for making this tool!


Thank you so much! We are deeply grateful for the kind words, and we are very happy that Pixelorama works well for you. Best of luck to your game development journey!😊

My saved files don't open in the web version

You have to drag and drop them

Hello, this is a known issue and will most likely be fixed in the next version. For now, you have to drag and drop them into Pixelorama, like Variable said.

Hello, I really love this app. It feels more comfortable to use compared to other drawing tools I used to use.

Is there a shortcut to temporarily switch a tool? For example: when I click “T”, the tool changes to “move” forever and I need to click “P” to change it back to pencil. I would love it if there is a way to switch to the tool temporarily like “Alt + T” and change back to the previous tool when I release the button


Hello and thank you for the feedback! This isn't possible at the moment, however if you hold "Alt" while having a draw tool selected, it will act as a color picker until you release the key.

much great
such useful

much appreciated
such thanks

Excelente herramienta

Thank you!

Please tell me I'm doing something wrong because I can't believe that you can't paste an image into the image editing software. 

Despite copying an external image, it keeps pasting my last selection from pixelorama and refuses to paste the image data obtained with Win+Shift+S.

Hello, copying and pasting images from/to Pixelorama in/from other software is not currently supported.


You can drag a JPG/PNG into the window and it will give you import options


This is awesome, really great user experience and slick design. 11/10

Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for this app huhu! I'm really grateful for this. Now I can start learning how to pixel art. You guys are the best! I have no money to buy application to create pixel art. Fortunately, someone in reddit recommend this app. Thank you, creators! 

We really appreciate the kind words! It's awesome that Pixelorama is helping you to create art and we feel very honored!


10/10, best tool for pixel drawning!!!) 

Glad you like it too 😁

Thank you so much!


Hy, if anyone here's interested to use the extension system, here's the "VariableStore" (Lots of extensions available there, including Voxelorama)

New bugs now. Layers don’t stay locked when cutting and pasting from different layers, weird behaviors like tools painting when they should be erasing. Also, can’t paste from one layer to the next - don’t know how this happened. but it made me restart an hour’s work from scratch.

Think it might due to the fact that when you copy a frame and all its layers, by default, it then selects all those layers. I’ve even run undo on this when realizing this, only to have the errors still happen.

Also, size of brush preview still not adjusting under some circumstances.

Hello, in the next version copying a frame won't have all of the layers selected, only the layer that was previously selected. As for the rest of bugs, some extra information and steps to reproduce would be appreciated!


Appreciate you following up. I will have more specifics but I am positive that multi-layers being selected while using a selecting tool was the culprit, not sure what’s causing the eraser/coloring bug though. Wish I had more than that, will follow up when I do.

I understand this is a labor of love, i post because I love your program. Keep up the good work.

Great Tool!!! THANKS S2!!!

I have three suggestions:
1. Be able to hide the mouse arrow when it's in the drawing, so we can use just the pixel indicator

2. When exporting animations the characters in the tags names are not ignored (they are not included I don't know why)

3. Be able to move the indicator pixel without it being snapped to the pixels (as in non-pixel art programs)

Again, THANKS S2!!!


Hello, thank you for the suggestions! For 2, you can include the tag names in your exported files by going to the "Advanced options" section in the Export dialog, and enabling "Include frame tags in the file name".

Yes, but the problem is if my tag have some special characters in the name they will ignored.

Exampple: if the name of my tag is Orama-Interactive, when I export this animation with the tag name enabled the name of the tag will be "OramaInteractive". The special character "-" disappear.

If you will allow me, I would like to take this opportunity to make another comment. I'm trying to migrate to Pixelorama, but is not easy to import file. I have a single file with several equipaments for player.

When I import multiple frames into the first layer of a new project everything goes very well because there is just 1 empty frame. When the import is finished, I just delete that frame and that's it. Easy.
But when I try to repeat the process with another equipament of my character, it gets complicated. When we create a new layer in a project that already has a certain number of frames, the layer will be completely filled with empty frames. And because I don't have the option to import into another layer starting from frame 0, all my new frames for this layer will be inserted after the last previews frame.

I thought: well, then I just select all the frames and move them together to the starting position and delete the empty frames. However, Pixelorama doesn't allow us to move multiple frames at the same time. So I thought about copying or cuting them, but there are no such options. I thought about creating a layer in a different project and copying it into the project I want, but we also can't copy or cut layers.

It seems to me for now that the only solution would be to move each frame to all layers, which would be so much work that would make it unfeasible.

So the ability to move multiple frames at once would solve this issue? It is a planned feature, but we're not yet sure in which version this will be available.

Move multiple frames wouldn't solve the problem itself, but it would be an alternative path. Ideally, we should be able to import an animation directly to where we want it. I can't tell you what the best solution is, but I thought one solution that would be more work for you than waiting for an update to move multiple frames, but I think it's better:

When we are importing frames we can choose the option "Replace cel". If we have multiples files to import and enable the option "apply to all" the result is: All files will be imported in the same frame, being overwritten and only the last one remaining!!! I don't think anyone would find that useful. So, maybe the imported files could replace another cels when "apply to all" is enable to make this option make sense and useful. And you could change the name of this option "Replace cel" to "Replacing cels" to make it more easily to understand. Doing this we could easily import a whole new animation without having to move frames. We could easily change an animation within a tag that was among other animations.

And let-me ask: where is the best place to report bugs and make suggestions? Here in the comments?

Thank you for your attention. Pixelorama is simply wonderful!

Thank you for the feedback! The comment section is fine for reporting bugs and making suggestions, but the best place would be Pixelorama's GitHub repository. Issues for bug reports, and discussions for feature suggestions.

Is it possible to do a portable installation on a USB stick?

you can download the .zip file. That is the portable version.

Not what I'm looking for. A real portable app needs to store its settings and other user data on the same device as the executable. Just putting the app on a USB stick does not do that.

This is not possible at the moment, settings will still be stored on the computer and not on the USB, but perhaps this is something we could look into for the future.


Wow! I would ABSOLUTELY contribute if i had enough time/some money.


We appreciate it! But it's okay, we don't want anyone to feel that they have to contribute. Just using the project and leaving a nice comment is enough! :)


I can't believe I'm only just now stumbling across this! What an incredible piece of work(: Thank you Orama Interactive and developers involved


We are very happy that you like our project! :)


Saving Image .pxo


Hello, please take a look at this page of Pixelorama's documentation https://www.oramainteractive.com/Pixelorama-Docs/user_manual/save_and_export

(1 edit) (+2)

Hello! I love your app and I use it for all of my drawings and animations! I was just wondering how the reference image works? I have tried to get the image there but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Also, it keeps crashing for me, I don't know why


Hello! You can import an image as you normally would (either by going to File, Open or by dragging and dropping it into Pixelorama's window) and then changing the "Import as" option to "New reference image". Then, in the Reference Images tab (by default it is found next to the Canvas Preview tab, on the top right of the interface), you can modify the reference image by moving it around, scaling it, changing its opacity etc.

As for the crashes, are they related to the reference images? Do you have any steps that we can follow in order to replicate these crashes?


I just draw in the app and it crashes for me as soon as I do that. I don't know why it happens but it started as soon as I downloaded the newer version. Also, thank you for helping me about the ref images!


Sorry for the trouble caused. It crashes in version 0.11.3, but not the previous version you were using? If it's easy for you, we would appreciate if you could send us Pixelorama's log files (you can see how to find them here https://www.oramainteractive.com/Pixelorama-Docs/troubleshooting#pixelorama-cras...), in case the crashes output an error message.

(1 edit) (+1)

hi! get a current problem with graphic tablet on windows ver.

got windows 11 and gaomon s620(if model is needed)
turning off windows ink and turning on mouse mode doesn't help at all D:

problem solved itself after rebooting system :D


Hy, if anyone here's interested to use the extension system, here's the "VariableStore" (Lots of extensions available there, including Voxelorama)



these extensions are free ??

(1 edit) (+2)

all of the extensions available in the store are Free 😁


any new extensions for pixelart theme


This tool is great!

I'm using the Linux version (tried on Manjaro and NEON) and I encountered an annoying bug. In KDE Pixelorama messes up the file associations of almost every file type, most of which are not even images. When trying to switch the file associations back to the preferred dedicated software, it doesn't work and it switches back. I have to manually remove Pixelorama from every file type association and it's awful to be honest. It does this for all the user profiles on the PC, and though I like having something to do in my spare time, fixing the file associations manually is not my preferred pastime. I think you should do something with this issue so that the new users wouldn't encounter this problem.


Hello, thank you for the feedback! The flatpak version of Pixelorama shouldn't have this issue, can you try using that instead and see if the issue remains?


Thanks so much for this tool, I made all the UI of my game using it :)


That's amazing! Feel free to share your game if you want! :D


Hi, thanks a lot! Here's a link to the game: https://victor-dayet.itch.io/flap-in-3d

Hola, tengo un problema que es que cuando guardo el proyecto se convierte en un archivo .pxo y no abre


You have to "Export" the project instead of "Saving"


(3 edits) (+1)

Still loving this, still using it. If you don’t want to pay for Aseprite, get this tool. (And donate if you can)

Also - did Centralize Image move? I’ve been overdue to update, did so and it’s not where it was. I can’t seem to find it in the Docs.

EDIT: Nevermind I found it. I noticed it got moved to Resize Canvas as an easy button (which fixes a problem I had with it, as it now works on every frame!) Keep up the great work.

Also - for any having performance issues, try turning off the animated selection borders, this helps quite a bit.

Hy 👋, centralize image option has moved to Frame options menu (right click frame number)

Btw, The center option in resize canvas has always been there 😅

Very cool Tool ! Is there an index color mode ?

Not yet unfortunately


It's very fun to use, I enjoy it a lot with a mouse, sadly feels uncomfortable using it with a graphic tablet and the shortcuts arent the most intuitive coming from other software. Still it's a tool I'll probably keep using


Just discovered there is no layer blending mode, hope it comes soon


Hello, and thank you for the feedback! Shortcuts can be changed in the Preferences, if you wish to set your own. Currently there are some shortcuts missing, mostly for certain buttons in the interface, but those will be added in version 1.0. Layer blending mode is also in the works!

thanks for the hard work      ( ̄▽ ̄)=====b

I want to re-download pixelorama, but it still has performance problems

Hello, what issues are you having?

if any change to add pixel theme for tools and interface (UI) in future updates(LIkE aesprite UI). PIXELoroma is very useful software for me i stop using aesprite now because this software is cool UX


Thank you, we will consider adding a pixel art theme in the future :)

ok thanks

Hello !

I would like to say that this tool is just amazing, but theres an issue that im currently experiencing is that when i click both ctrl and right click, the program crashes and shows error: NVOGLDC invisible.

Hope it helps !

Hello 👋, which operating system are you using? And are you using pixelorama in browser?

Hello, thanks for the reply !

I am using pixelorama on Windows, and i am not in the browser.


Simply awesome! This is exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!

Thank you, we're happy that it suits your needs! :)

Hi this is a great piece of software, I've been using it daily ever since I got it. Just a quick one, isthere a way I can set the default export path?


Thank you! Currently there is no way but it will be possible in a future version.


it so good, i love it

Thank you!


I know it would be asking a lot, but severely feel that the Ipad needs this tool. It has some but they charge a lot for each major version. I wouldn't mind supporting you if it is priced fairly and supports the pencil even if it's rudimentary. Thanks for all your efforts.


For now our main focus in working on the next big update, version 1.0 and improving the desktop experience even further. Then, an Android version is also planned. We'd love to publish on iOS one day, but it's hard for an open source software like Pixelorama to do so. Hopefully it will happen one day, but not any time soon unfortunately.


this program is great i recommend  it

Thank you!

Hello, Orama!

I am experiencing a serious issue with the program on Windows. Whenever I launch the application, the program goes off screen and I can't see it or pull it back to the center.

Any suggestions on how to help would be good! I currently use 2560 x 1440 Pixel monitors. 

The sooner, the better, since I'm trying to make a game at the moment.



Hello 👋

you can move the window by using "Window Key" + "arrow keys"

Launch pixelorama then use the above given shortcut (first try with the left arrow key multiple times, then try the right arrow key multiple times)

Ah, thank you!

Ah.. it actually does not work..

Thanks for you help, anyways!


this owns




We love our community as well <3

Hy, if anyone here's interested to use the extension system, here's the "VariableStore" (Lots of extensions available there)

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